I Killed God

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NGAD 2014. Round 1.

A clash of a Human and God.

The story of a Behemoth figure coming down to kill just one, as tragedy unfolds in this 3 part song.

The main objective of this is to explain a chaotic murder that takes the world with it, as all but one are dead to fight what many believed was God.

Enjoy ;}

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Dude can I use it on my video? K thx I'll credit you!

This is an NGADM Round 1 Review:


Story time! Through this song, you have weaved a quick tale that leaves me wanting to hear more. The introduction is simply wonderful, the choir which sits faintly in the background and the piano really blend well. Oddly enough, I like how you transition from a contemplative beginning to an explosive motif. This is a risky transition, but I think it helps accentuate chaos, which you mentioned in your description. As the song progresses, we hear more of the story that you tell, and the emotions that accompany said story. I found myself revisiting certain portions of the song to reflect on what I had just listened to (1:21 – 2:30, for example) so I could process the story of this clash with more depth. Speaking of 1:21 and beyond, I really like those light woodwinds you've added.

The production could be better. The brass sections, while intense and evocative are almost too loud, muddying things up. The woodwinds and choir, as mentioned above could definitely be brought out of the background and equalized. The conclusion of the track is a little bit bland in some ways as I feel it trails off. That being said, I understand that there's a reason behind this based on your description of the song.

Essentially, it all comes down to this fact: you create and mix complex moods throughout this song, and you do a great job at stringing everything together. Well done Veneox! :)

Score: 7.75/10

Like many other returning faces of the NGADM, I feel like you've made a significant improvement in your Round 1 track from the last time I heard your music, while still keeping the qualities that I've always seen to be your strengths. I think the best thing about your music remains to be the fact that it tells a story. You've developed this track and made it flow through various moods and dynamics. Not only does this work wonders with keeping it interesting, but it pulls the listener in, making him/her able to imagine the scene you undoubtedly had in your head while making this track. You communicate yourself clearly through your music and that is a highly respectable quality. You've additionally got some pretty sweet apocalyptic atmospheres and moods to complement that.

In terms of production and execution, I can certainly confirm that this is an area you've made a lot of improvement in. Before, you had nice ideas, but did not suitably present them in your track through the right instrument arrangement, but now your instrument arrangement is simply top notch. The brass is fittingly mighty and empowering, the strings are warm and deep, and the piano offers an interestingly delicate and emotional touch. Some aspects of the production still need work though! The percussion is completely drowned out and unclear, the track is too heavy on mid frequencies, and sometimes the staccato strings sound too frontal in the mix. On a less related note, I question your piano intro. It sounds nice, but to me it isn't developed enough to set the mood properly for the following huge brass entrance. I wish it was longer and more fleshed out, so it can transition more naturally to the next section.

Quirks aside, I think this is an audible improvement over your previous works, and that's always excellent to hear. Nice one!

SCORE: 8.4/10

The narrative structure to this piece is very clear and the contrast between the big intense sections and the intimate moments was clear and well executed. At the middle calm section I definitely had the feeling of like the hero reflecting on his motivations, and deaths doorstep, and then bouncing back to finally triumph. My one critique is that the brass sounded big but the timbre was a little dull. When brass are blaring away like that they actually have a very bright quality that can be tough to find in samples but a subtle EQ bump around 2kHz can help with that a bit.

Overall great composition though! Good luck!

Veneox responds:

Much Appreciated.

With the two weeks I haven't had a chance to fully equalize every instrument as perfect as I wanted before release, but will update the song after judging since the deadline is now over to fix such problems.



The part right after the piano BLEW ME AWAY! and then kept blowing me.

Intense and DRAMATIC!


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4.82 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2014
7:47 PM EDT
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