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Well, it’s been quite a few months since I last uploaded anything (summer’s been keeping me busy), but I’m glad to say I’m back in school and making music again!

Wow… the NGADM… I never thought I’d be in it. :P Funny story, actually - Originally, I wasn’t in the top 64, but a couple days ago, when <a href=“http://inyourdreams.newgrounds.com>InYourDreams</a> dropped out, I got a PM from Echo asking if I wanted to take his place, and I gladly responded YES! I was so excited, I began literally jumping up and down. No, literally. Seriously. (If you’ve got time, go check InYourDreams out! He’s a real talented musician and it was such a shame he couldn’t participate.)

This song represents a really big change in music for me. I normally do really archetypal stuff (e.g. EDM music, typical bluegrass music, songs in the style of other musicians, etc.), but I wanted to try and create something more original with this piece, and I hope I pulled it off well. I’m not sure how I would describe it, but of the genres I don't have a song in as of yet, I think it fits 'Indie' best. In-die category you go! (oh god kill me someone please)

Originally, this song was around six or seven minutes long and had so much good stuff in it. Sadly, people’s attention spans are only so long, so I cut it down and can only hope that it was the right decision (stuff I cut out includes a horn solo towards the beginning, the chorus repeated multiple times, and more improvised synth jams).

I think lots of this song represents things I’ve been consciously trying to work hard on. I wanted to work on interesting features, so I added a few somewhat abnormal things (unexpected bars, gear changes, etc). I realize that might make it sound more experimental, but it sounds good to me, and I hope that’s good enough. I also wanted to work on my melodies, since those haven’t been particularly impressive in my track record, and I think some of these melodies are the best I’ve ever written (though they pale in comparison to some of the stuff other people have composed in this competition. They’ve said it before, but seriously, the competition here, it’s amazing. I’m so glad to be part of this awesome event.)

Well, I guess that’s about it! To anyone who read the text wall: Thanks for putting up with my habit of telling people about stuff! Also, a free internet cookie to whoever can tell me what inspired the title ‘Dawnglide’. :P

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There's so much potential here. I may not say much since there are already some really good reviews that could point out a few things that even I can learn from.

I was listening to a couple of other of your songs before this one, and this one stuck out a bit more than some of your piano pieces. I'm not saying their bad, there's good stuff going on. But this track sticks out a little bit.

Some of the pads and the composing is cheesy, like Mario Golf for the Gamecube, but with a little mixing, adding some dynamics, changing up a few of the pads, this could be a boss piece (just noticed, I don't think this is metal in the slightest. Way more electronic than rock).

After listening to the track a second time, wow, there is a ton of cheesy 90's electronic flavors. Not just in pads but in some of the composition. If you listen to the Mario Golf stuff, you'll hear the same bass rhythm with the 8th and two 16ths.

But, after everything is said and done, this track caused you to gain another fan. Because, there a lot of really cool stuff that can come out of this. Once you get you synths down and your mixing, that ability you have to compose could do some really cool stuff.

I'll keep an ear out for you.

LunacyEcho responds:

Hi! Thanks for the review!

=> cheesy =>

The thing about using cheesy tropes in music is that it works. I've definitely done my fair share of super-cheesy music (The Flute Song being my magnum opus in that field), and I think the reason I do it so much is because I'm lazy. These are tropes that are widely used in tons of music, and I just happen to have observed them and reused them. I've never taken any consistent music theory classes, so I just copy what I hear, and the cheesy stuff is only cheesy because it's used so much.

=> metal =>

I agree! This isn't metal at all. Still, the general feeling the song has (especially in the rhythm section) sort of has an indie feel, which a subcategory in the "metal, rock" category of genres in Newgrounds.

=> bass rhythm =>

It's one of my favorite driving bass rhythms, and as usual, I didn't come up with it. I'm sure it's been used in many places and I've heard it unconsciously in many songs, but the first time I remember listening to the bassline and thinking "hey, there's an interesting bassline I can use" was from a Waterflame song.

Thanks so much, Spadezer! I really admire your work and hope you can participate in the next NGADM so we can hear more cool stuff from you too.

more like astroglide amirite?

actual round 1 review though:

intro was kinda promising but then the awful GM lead, floppy bass and flat drums came in. instrument levels are all at the same volume so nothing takes precedence, random super-loud crash cymbals on top of drums which are way too quiet, stereo image seems kinda random and everything's drowning in reverb (relatively, given how quiet everything is). the melodies tend to meander and are generally forgettable, though not technically bad. i think the real weakness in your writing here is when you try to move from section to section or create climaxes, it's just really awkwardly executed every time. that goes for the key change too. generally it's just cheesy as all heck but unfortunately it doesn't sound self aware enough to get away with it, or even particularly good as far as the mix is concerned.


LunacyEcho responds:

=> astroglide =>


=> intro was kinda promising =>




=> instrument levels are all the same =>

That's definitely something I can improve on. My instrumentation in this piece was very subpar.

=> super-loud crash cymbals =>

Really? They sound fine in my earphones. I guess didn't mix them well enough. :(

=> drowning in reverb =>

Well, I turned up the reverb by quite a bit because the overall mood of the song was supposed to be a relaxing, dreamy one. Guess it came off differently.

=> transitions awkwardly executed =>

Aw. I tried making them smoother than in my previous songs. I guess it's worth something that you said they were executed at all, I guess?

=> cheesy key change =>

Self-aware? I honestly have absolutely no idea what that means. :/

Thanks for taking the time to review this! I really appreciate all the work you do for NGADM, and I'm sure others feel the same.

This is an NGADM Round 1 Review.


I'm glad you made it into the competition in the end, even if you only managed to make a track for the first round. You bring something very valuable to the table, and that's a great sense of composition. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing your arpeggios and harmonies in the intro, and the melodies played by that smooth square lead are solid and flow very naturally. You have a solid progression and every transition is smooth (loving the one at 3:18), largely due to the fact that you often prepare the introduction of a new instrument/element suitably by ramping it up a few beats before it actually comes in. That's the mark of a thoughtful compositional flow. The structure is solid, and the intro and outro are both suitable ways to transition out of and into silence respectively.

My issue is not in the composition of this track, which is for the most part good, but in its sound. While you have a suitably clear mix and balanced levelling, the track just sounds extremely bland. It has very little depth outside a somewhat resonant/shrill pad, piano, drums and a square lead. At the risk of sounding like an uneducated music listener, the track lacks... punch. All of the elements are pretty subdued and sound pretty dull, and without any complex composition to make up for that we're left with a pretty underwhelming submission, I'm afraid. On an unrelated note, 1:22's synth is pretty harsh, and not in a tasteful way! I would suggest a different sound.

Recap: solid melodies/harmonies, lots of potential, bland instrumentation. Good job overall, and thanks for taking part!

SCORE: 7.2/10

LunacyEcho responds:

Thanks a lot, Step! I can't imagine how time-consuming all this work must be.

=> melodies/transition/structure =>

Thanks a lot! Those are definitely things I've been working on and am trying to improve. I'm glad they worked! My melodies have normally been really basic and catchy in the past, and I've been trying to make them deeper with more emotion. My transitions and structure in the past have been crap, so planning out stuff ahead of time taught me a lot about music writing that I hadn't known before.

=> composition vs instrumentation =>

That's a problem I've been sort of noticing in my music lately. :( My ending mix tends to be really quiet, and while they sound nice on a high volume, they tend to seriously underwhelm at a lower one. Thanks for pointing it out.

I've probably said this way too much in my response, but thanks so much for the review! I really appreciate it.

Hot damn.
So this is pretty well written, I particularly like the melodies and the wavering synths that appear in the background throughout. A few things to note would be:
a.) crashes - just an issue (i think, personally) with the mixing, as they always appear in my right headphone, which messes with the balance of the music. Overall, many of the instruments tend to be slightly overwhelming on the right earphone, as it seems that most of the leads end up sounding prevalent on that side. Not an issue at all if I play the song on speakers, though.
b.) EQ changes (possible) - some of the instruments that appear earlier - like the bell-sounding lead from the intro - tend to have a sort of piercing feeling from the high frequencies, especially when the volume is turned up. A simple resolution to this would be messing with Channel EQ (so that the bass / treble freq.s are less far apart), but I don't have any complaints about this further on in the song.
c.) a last note would be to add some reverb / delay for the piano, as well as having the velocity increase steadily to make the break less sudden.

overall this is way too pretty for me to handle, though.

LunacyEcho responds:

Hi, adieuwinter! Thanks for the review!

=> crashes =>

I think that's the way they came. :( I would've switched it out for some better-quality crashes, but my best ones are all electronic, sadly. I think the instruments would only be overwhelmingly on the right if your headphones had very little bass - the only instruments I purposefully put on the right were a few of the synths, while I put another synth and the bass on the left. Good thing it's fine on speakers. :P

=> EQ changes =>

Is it really too piercing? Aw... I spent quite a bit of time trying to EQ it so that it wouldn't sound so annoyingly high-pitched. :D I was also worried it would be a bit annoying past the piano break when everything shifted up, but I guess that was fine.

=> piano =>

I've never had a review saying less reverb. I've gotten many saying more reverb. I ought to listen to them sometime. :D

Thanks a lot!

Well, this is still great :)
I think you did a perfect job with the transition at about 0:25! That's exactly what I meant, and it sounds good now :D

I don't really have anything to complain about. The transition into the piano break might've been a bit unexpected, but it still works well (the transition out of it is awesome ;D)
The ending is okay too :p

Rated 5, favorited and loved in general :3
I like reading descriptions btw XD
A free internet cookie is not to be mine today though, although I do like the name :'D

LunacyEcho responds:

What?! Newgrounds doesn't alert to reviews anymore? That's kinda sad. :(

With the 0:25 transition, I was trying to make it into a more dreamy to match the opening mood, and I guess it worked! Thanks!

The transition to the piano break caused me a bit of pain. I really wanted to come back to that. I tried adding a filter into it, but it didn't really work. :( in the end, I ran out of time. Eh.

Ending is okay? Okay is all I need. :D I'm so bad at endings...

Thanks for the review and reading the whole thing! Hope the army isn't being too rough for you!

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