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This is a song about getting frustrated, but acknowledging that everything is better in the end.

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This makes me... I feel good. I feel great. Thanks.

SonicWombat responds:

I'm really glad you enjoyed. Hope you're feeling good today. :)

Right off the bat, I enjoy the lyrics more than anything. I love happy songs like this, especially anything acoustic. It’s very catchy, and I even found myself humming it after listening.
You did great with the vocals in the background. It’s got a very indie feel to it; nothing it out-of-place, and the chorus is so well-done, harmony-wise. The guitar adds to the general sense of well-being in the piece, and even though the progression is simple, it’s very classically implemented and strummed appropriately.
I think we’ve all been where you’ve been in this song, so it makes your lyrics even more relatable and charming. Plus, you have a pretty nice singing voice, whereas some acoustic vocalists sing with awful affectation (i.e. Pomplamoose or Plain White T’s). It sounds like you’re telling it like it is, and you’re not about to let anybody BS you out of your way of thinking.
As much as I enjoyed the piece, I would have liked a little more complexity. The guitar continues its same chords throughout and doesn’t really change or add flair.
The song is also short, and you might have put in a break where you add an extra instrument instead of more vocals (a harmonica or piano break would have easily given the song more variety). I keep coming back to the harmonies, though, as you did an excellent job, and I would have loved to hear more of them. An extension of this song is in order, I demand it! :P
In conclusion you made a very positive, hummable piece that I’m happy to add to favorites, as it’s bouncy, catchy, and good-humored. And good humor is always a wonderful approach to life.

NGADM Round One Score: 8.7

SonicWombat responds:

Thank you for this really kind, thought-out review. :)

This is an NGADM Round 1 Review.


This has got to be the most well-meaning submission of the round, ostensibly made with the sole intent of putting a smile on the listener's face. Well, I'm not going to lie. It worked on my end! You've got a great sense of musicality and the sheer modesty you put into this track above all has to be commended. Harmonies and melodies are all solid, structure and transitions are essentially flawless and the recording quality is not too shabby! Your singing is pretty good; you have a nice voice and sing with a good amount of confidence. There are pitch issues, so if there's one vocal area you need to focus on improving, it's intonation. In terms of mixing, you have a warm-sounding guitar and the lyrics are clear, which is good. In terms of levelling, however, the voice is too loud and stands out next to the guitar too much, but otherwise the mix is alright!

Well, I mean, this is a good track. Truth be told, however, I was pretty torn when judging your audition. I was worried that the fact that you limit yourself to just voice and guitar might hold you back in your Round 1 track, and I think my worries were confirmed. While this is a humble little ditty, the wow factor is depressingly low. The melodic content isn't ground-breaking, the guitar simply plays a set of chords with almost the same strumming rhythm throughout, and the track is fairly predictable. I think you got away with all that in your audition which had hilarious and pretty brilliant lyrics to make up for it, but in this case, while the writing is far from bad, I missed the wit present in your audition that elevated your track from more than "just another pop/ska song".

I ironically can't sum this track up with any adjective other than merely "okay", but thanks anyway for this heart-warming submission!

SCORE: 7.9/10

SonicWombat responds:

Thank you. This review was really cool to read, and it made me feel great about my art. Much love, man.

You did real good. Vocal delivery reminds me just a smidge of Andrew Jackson Jihad. I like the message too. The only thing that didn't really gel with me are the backing vocals in the second half - I'm not even sure if they were necessary. I really liked the vocal melodies though. Good work all around.

SonicWombat responds:

Thanks a bunch, brohan!

It's a good common feelings song... And that's good cause at least somebody will identify himself with the lyrics... And the voices tones made it smooth.. Well done!
Liked it! and keep it up!

SonicWombat responds:

Thanks for thinking about my work, man! Peace and no worries.

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Aug 18, 2014
2:19 PM EDT
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