Solarex - Something Like This

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Definitely not the best mixdown and master I've ever done, but holy hell I put a lot of work into this. Let me know what you think, all criticism is welcome!

This is my submission for the first round of the N G A D M 2014 competition. Wish me luck!

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This is a NGADM Round 1 Review!
Some really cool ideas in there but other parts I feel could have been more refined.
Mix: 7.5/10
The mix is generally pretty good! Warm sounds, quite clear and easy to understand. I think it lacked depth, there was hardly anything going on in the bass and the drums were, at times, much too harsh sounding. Sure, a genre has rules, but sometimes you have to sacrifice the rules for the sake of musicality (speaking of the drums in the intro for example).

Composition: 6.5/10
Seriously, speaking of the intro, I have no idea what you were where doing with that intro. The drums seemd to be there for no other reason that to say "hey, this is the genre so I need the drums or people won't understand." It really doesn't work, in my opinion. It would have been great (in fact it is a good intro) but the drums spoiled it.
Besides that I think you had some really cool melodies that I really enjoyed the song overall, it had a light-hearted feel to it that you captured well and I think the lead synth sounds awesome. The chords were also really good and I think the piece developed well despite having awkward transitions at times.

That gives you 7/10 total which honestly isn't too bad. Sorry if the review is a little brutal but I have to justify the score I gave you and I can't do that by sugar-coating things.

KabukiTunes responds:

Not at all! I actually really appreciate the response, and if I receive a bunch of flattery then frankly I can't learn from my mistakes. This review definitely made me consider some things in this track that I hadn't thought about, like the drums in the intro especially. Thank you for your review and criticism!

round 1 ngadm review thing

solid mix man. not really diggin the snare, would've liked something deeper i think? maybe more bass overall, but i also feel like that sub osc in the chords could kinda bounce more into each beat during the start chorus too just to make it feel a bit more spacious, then be more drawn out in the second half of the chorus (soz, this is hard as fuck to explain haha). nice dynamic variation otherwise, the drops all had really nice anticipation and there's lots of light and shade between sections. really not a whole lot else to fault on the production.

that melody at the start on the music box is a bit of a drag and doesn't really seem to go anywhere. that first main theme is 100% great tho, but the follow up melody with the next chord progression doesn't have the same catchiness. wasn't sure if i'd like the sample chopping part when it first came but you built it up pretty decently (nice synth growls flashing across the stereo image there). the music box definitely works much nicer as a little filler-inner in the 2nd buildup. wish there was a little more variation in the 2nd section, and the quirky ending was kinda cool but i would've liked a more gradual finish.

anyway, super solid effort. you're gonna be a force to be reckoned with!

KabukiTunes responds:

Thank you for the review! I appreciate the detail of your analysis. I'll hopefully go back and fix this song, give it a better mixdown, and correct a couple of things, and I'll definitely take this into account.

This is an NGADM Round 1 Review.


Oh man, I was PSYCHED about what you were going to come up with after hearing your audition, and here you are, as expected, delivering one of my favourite electronic submissions of this round! While composition isn't what this track excels in, so to speak, you still have some great stuff here! Your melodies have a very identifiable Japanese flair to them, what with your heavy usage of the pentatonic scale and quick melodic passages with lots of movement. While your harmonies are nothing profound, they work very well with the melody in the bouncy sections like 1:10. Your atmosphere is also fine and dandy. You have a pretty nifty dreamy texture during the sections with the high bells. Of course, the atmosphere is helped by your amazing sounds and production...

...which brings me to my next point. The production. DAMN. I am literally in awe here. This has an absolutely beautiful mix. The drums especially are just perfect. The snare has JUST the right amount of high end to give it that crisp fizzy sound without sounding ear-piercing, the kick has a thumpy, crystal clear presence and the cymbals are there without being overbearing. All of the other sounds are wonderful too, with the exception of the lead synth playing that melody, which was great and all but it got somewhat obnoxious because of how high it can get. Apart from that, the only other complaint I have is that the second "climax" so to speak, at 2:58, is pretty much a carbon copy of its former counterpart. I guess what I was hoping for was more of a reason to stay listening till the end, but as it is there isn't enough new content in the second half to justify it being there.

This is incredible. After the audition I was impressed, but now... I'm speechless. Consider me a fan. Keep up the amazing work!

SCORE: 9.2/10

KabukiTunes responds:

Thank you, Step! Really appreciate it, and I hope I can still wow you in my next entry!

Ahh, really nice melody! I feel like maybe it should be an octave or so lower, it's a bit too high right now. But this is a really nice, sorta feelgood carefree song. Well done!

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3.94 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2014
10:11 AM EDT
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