Unshackling the Necromancer

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This is a dark orchestral piece for NGADM'14, I really enjoyed composing for this and I wish everybody in the competition the best of luck!

0:00 - 0:55 'The Shackles are Broken!'
0:55 - 1:35 'The power of the Necromancer.'
1:35 - 2:12 'Escaping the Dungeon.'
2:12 - 2:30 'None shall stop the Necromancer's escape!'
2:30 - 2:46 'Memories of a past life...'

The Necromancer lies in rusty iron chains in a dank, dark dungeon. He does not know how long he has been here, but his skin is worn and withered. A hollow feeling begins to burn inside as dark energies amass to the Necromancer from a source perhaps beside himself. Dragging himself to his feet the Necromancer harnesses the dark energies residing within and smashes the binding chains!

The Necromancer is reminded of the power he once held dear, and ponders how he might have been captured.

The Necromancer crawls through a labyrinth of winding stone walls, lit only by crevices that usher moonlight. As he crawls around he hears the scuttering of creatures, the tension rises as sweat gathers upon his brow - determined to escape.

Suddenly, the creatures are on top of him. With a blast of darkness the Necromancer eviscerates and pulverises any that stand before him. Wielding a power even he himself unaware of.

The Necromancer leaves the dungeon into the night with a feeling of meloncholy from a past life.

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Lol this is just so far beyond me.....
Excellent piece Jay :D!
You do an awesome job with dynamics and variation of sound in this piece :).
I've always been a fan of tracks that kinda tell a story, and I feel like this does just that in an excellent way. You were able to convey the story of the Necromancer perfectly in the transitions, melodies, instruments, dynamics etc. A truly great piece.
Around 1:30 I felt like a lot of the notes clashed with eachother. Kinda sounds like some parts of Grieg's compositions. While it does sound messy, it still really captures the increase of action in the story, and I really don't think there's a need to change it. Depends if you value portraying the story more than making the track enjoyable for most people possible. Personally i value the first more, but that's just me :).

Overall a great track with wonderfull ideas and composition :D.
5 stars.

Jay-Turner responds:

Thanks for your review :) I'm glad you appreciate the dissonance haha. I think for me, the biggest problem with the piece is that it feels 'muddy'. But I'm really glad that you like the musicality of it!

You're right about the importance of the story. I think rather than making the piece, a piece by itself. I really wanted it to convey a feeling, and the feeling for me was not of pleasant melodies. The only motif I truly included is one that can be heard 0:24, I then repeated this at the end of the song on the lute. This is because the melody is meant to convey the emotional significance if something in the past for the Necromancer, something that isn't perhaps as evil and sinister.

I'm happy that you see what I was trying to do anyway :) Thanks.

This is a NGADM Round 1 Review!
Well there's a lot of good stuff in this piece of music, that's for sure!
Mix: 7/10
It has depth, it's relatively clean sounding and you used a variety of different sounds. You also made good use of dynamics in this piece. What I think is missing is some kind of space to it by which I mean the mix is much too dry. You needed to put those instruments in a concert hall or something, some reverb would go a long way to polishing off the mix.

Composition: 7/10
Once again, lots of good ideas in this... But maybe too many! At times it gets messy and busy, such as around 1:30 and I think some notes clash, though they're in passing so I couldn't tell you that for sure. Something sounds off anyway. What's good is that the piece develops well, it has a lot of variation/variety and it's interesting throughout. The story really helped with this I'm sure, it's really great practice to have a theme or story for a song and this is no exception to that.

Great work, 7/10!

Jay-Turner responds:

Thanks MetalRenard for your review.

I appreciate that the mix is too dry, I'll try and overcome that for the second round by utilising more reverb. I guess my greatest problem with reverb was that because there was a lot going quite quickly, by adding too much reverb I didn't want it all to sound like mush.

The busyness was all part of the plan I'm afraid, haha. For me I find it very exciting when there are a lot of things going on at the same time, that often brings me back to listening to a piece. You are right about the clash of notes too, I used chromaticism to an extent to add flavour and tension.

Thanks again. I will take your advice onto my next piece. I've not kept it as complicated and it is more thematic (so its not a jumble of ideas).

This is an NGADM Round 1 Review.


This is one of the more professional-sounding orchestral submissions of the round. I love the quality of your sounds and your arrangement. It's the kind of track that, with a slightly less muddy mix, I would expect to hear in a film or game, and that's always a great sign. You've got a powerful arrangement of instruments that really shines in parts like 2:12 which sound menacing and dark, or 1:06 where you have these absolutely exceptional fast passages that truly give off a feeling of intensity and excitement. Of course, it helps that the samples you use are high-quality, but what I really must commend you on is how well you use them. The only quirk I have with your arrangement is that the guitar, while sounding fantastic, felt a bit out of place at the very end, since it just came out of the blue without any prior foreshadowing.

My main issue with this, apart from the mix being just a little muddy, is that the composition is lacking. It almost feels as if each section you wrote was only written with the mere intention of portraying the mood described in your author's comments. The composition is simply not memorable. I mean, sure, it's well-written, has a lot of sweet call-and-response sections and the voicing is pretty sweet, but outside of the well-portrayed moods there isn't much to commend. In a way, this like Veneox's submission - it tells a story through different moods. However, his actually has some sweet motifs, whereas to me, I regret to say that this sounds a lot more lifeless and lacking much-needed expression.

That's my opinion on it! You certainly have the talent to make a more expressive and compositionally sensible piece, so I hope you give that a shot for the next round!

SCORE: 8.2/10

Jay-Turner responds:

Thanks for your response Step.

I'm glad you enjoyed the quality of the sounds and the range I tried to express. I used a lute for this piece, I did use it earlier on in the piece at around 40 seconds subtly. I guess I wanted to added an element that wasn't typical to an orchestra - the same as I used tamourines in the introduction to embody the necromancer's chains.

I didn't intend for the piece to be catchy or memorable but rather to invoke emotion/feeling of what is going on, I imagined it would place emphasis if it was accompanied with visuals. I did use a motif though, first at 0:24 and then the outro lute plays it again.

Anyway I am following your advice and trying to create a more thematic piece for my second submssion. Thanks again for your thoughts, I appreciate it.

Ah crap. You placed a story in yours too. Well I was never a big fan of cinematic music but this piece had lots of variation and instruments going on which tickled my fancy. It felt like it was 10 minutes long instead of 2:46 too. Kept me immersed, man. Great work.

Jay-Turner responds:

Haha yes, stories all the way! I'm glad it kept you immersed :) Thanks!

It's interesting how in less than 3 minutes there are so many variations. I really glad I wasn't in your team. This here is the classic RPG music. Love it!

Good luck in the contest!

Jay-Turner responds:

Thank you, I'm flattered. I really tried to keep the piece 'colourful' and varied so I'm glad that you pointed that out. Good luck to you also!

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