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A track created for the NGADM 2014 Round 1.

Decided I was going to try something a little more trailer Danny Cocke - Jack Trammel-esk as I've been listening to a lot recently and loving it!

The Mix and Master isn't perfect, far from it.. I was dealing with a lot of overlapping instruments. But I'm still learning.

Good luck to all in the competition! With what my opponents have created here's hoping I can stand up against them! :)

[EDIT] For all those who are interested. This track version will eventually come down. To be eventually replaced by a new version.

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Its definately not bad. Its a very solid track with good mastering. A good powerful intro, but for me personally it misses a powerful overture, that I usually find in your other tracks. A good experiment though and a well done track.

This is an NGADM Round 1 Review:


Well, to start off...you've done it again Peter. Let this set the mood for the rest of my review. You've really shown what you're capable of here, and I'm not surprised in the slightest at how top-notch this track is; you know how to make good music! Everything just adds up in your entry: the overall production quality, the composition, the emotion, etc. Let's start with the mixing, for which I only have one word: amazing. In terms of composition, this track is full of rich layers. The heavy percussion and staccatos lay the groundwork for the piano and the near-haunting vocals later in the song – just great! The atmosphere of the pad sits nicely in the background, but evokes intrigue and wonder (especially at 4:10 and to the end). I can see myself getting really sucked into whatever film this song would be in, which is definitely what a cinematic composer is aiming for. ;)

As much as I enjoyed the entire song, my biggest gripe would have to be that it sounds fairly generic. The buildup with the staccatos is just a bit typical, although it does help build suspense and supports the other instruments splendidly. The same can be said for the heavy percussion. That being said, these are now staples of the cinematic genre. Other than that, I think that this piece could really use a strong(er) melody. I can almost hear the notes now, and where you could have implemented them (after 3:00 or so, during the climax for instance).

Either way you look at it, this is just one heck of a song. I'll say it once more: you've done it again! :)

Score: 8.75/10

EvilRaccoon responds:

Thanks so much Neon-Bard. It's always great to get feedback and I completely agree with the crits you have given me. It is a very generic piece and runs with a lot of the standards you hear today, which is something I do and don't want to do. For learning reasons, I do. For originality not so much.

Thankyou once again for your comments. I think there's a lot of reverb on this piece, something Im starting to look into. :)

So much reverb. Oh my goooooooooood. 10/10.

EvilRaccoon responds:

Yeah, there's way too much on this. In fact after this I've stopped using the plugin because it was muddying a lot of sound. :)

This is an NGADM Round 1 Review.


Oh dear lord, Peter. This is something else. I love how everyone is always stoked for your submission and you NEVER fail to deliver. This is truly brilliant, Hollywood-tier trailer music right here. I wouldn't bat an eye hearing it in a blockbuster trailer, and would probably make a remark on how great the music is. You say that the mix and master isn't perfect, but those are actually precisely the best things about this track for me. The mix and master are just so damn good. You've expertly created a huge dynamic range, making the buildup positively beastly. Then, at 3:05 you open up the track so beautifully and widely that it's a pure goosebump-inducing moment. The sound design in the following climax is just beautiful. I don't usually enjoy excessive high end in this kind of percussion, but your percussion offers a lot of high end fuzz which in this case gives the track surprising amounts of depth and might.

In terms of composition, you have some good stuff here. One thing which I was admittedly worried about from the start was whether this would be just a buildup until the end, without any form of climax (very typical for this genre), but again, you did not disappoint. Your instrument arrangement is on point and your atmosphere/mood is exquisite. My gripes with this track are that firstly, there's no denying that this is generic. I can turn a blind eye for it because of its *near flawless* execution, but it's pretty by-the-book with its build up technique, quick repetitive staccato string passages, heavy-hitting drums and instrument arrangement. Additionally I feel like this lacks a foreground melody. The buildup was somewhat melodically bland and the climax simply consists of loud, sustained high notes with the staccato string motif repeated in the background, which would not leave nearly as much of a mark on the listener as a meaningful melody on top of that incredible percussive and string accompaniment.

Anyway, for what it's worth, this is still an absolutely fantastic track that has blown my socks off. Superb.

SCORE: 9.1/10

EvilRaccoon responds:

Thankyou Step! A very good review. You have pointed out a few key things which I think I neglected unintentionally due to the struggle of sound. However I'll be pushing on with the feedback you (and others) have given. Thanks!!!

Upward and onward!

Excellent work as always, bud. It feels so intense, so vibrant... I'll be picturing a narrative in my mind soon. :D

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4.71 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2014
8:00 AM EDT
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