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Swing For A Special Lady

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Author Comments

They say I'm allowed to work on the 2nd Round track for NGADM14 in advance if I have already finished my first track. And I was feeling creative. And I had the house to myself. And I think I totally outdid myself here. And I love you all. In the biblical sense.

Everything here was recorded acoustically, with a single mic, and a single guitar. It's all me. Even the female vocals (achieved with a little software wizardry).


Well now friends lemme tell ya
Bout a gal that I know
I think she's real classy
but I call 'er a ho.

Don't say that she's my baby
'Cause I ain't dumb
I know that it's a fling
'cause it's with Tim's Mom!

Well she's an 8-course meal
on a 4-course plate
she's a 44th wheel
on a double-date.

she's a woman with class
a woman with fizz
a woman with ass
and all of my jizz

Well I close my eyes
And blow my goo in tears
between her thighs

Tim's Mom for sale or rent
To start it's 50 cents
To continue, 25
The last guy, he ain't alive…

Tim's Mom.

We been seein' Tim's Mom In the cabaret
She got moves from here to the Hudson's Bay
One step back, and two to the right…
You think that she she's dancin' but she's ready to fight.


Very decent joke-jazz, the equipment and technical wizardry are very apparent; The Kansas-Dust in the wind bit surprised me but it was simultaneously entertaining and detracting from the song as a whole. If you had taken the joke aspect out, I believe you could market this song to some moderate commercial success, and sling it as far as you could throw it. I have almost no experience in making music but through hearing this one song I can tell you already know what you are doing and are very experienced in executing and following through with your vision to a surgical degree. Keep it up, sounds great.

~Herb Welch

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Ceevro responds:

Yeah, this was entirely done as a joke in retaliation for a workplace prank a coworker played on me. Imagine his surprise when this became both the hit-song around the office AND everyone's ringtone at the same time...

== This is an NGAUC Audition Round Review. ==

I don't even know what to say. This piece is so ridiculous and dumb and yet good. Somehow! The lyrics are a bit of a stumbling block for me, admittedly. I mean, they're definitely hilarious, but I feel like they also stop me from fully appreciating the piece. I love the bass groove and the vocal melody is really solid - in a fuller song with e.g. drums this could be super solid. It's already very good. Score: 8

Mini-scores (See http://johnfn.newgrounds.com/news/post/936953 for what this means and how to improve)
* Composition: 3+/4
* Arrangement: 3/4
* Mixing: 3/4

Ceevro responds:

Yeah, I wasn't going for the super-serious here! Everything was live-recorded, meaning there aren't any electronic loops. What I had was a guitar and a mic...glad you had some fun listening!

Here's a review for ya.

The first thing I can think of is the guitar playing. The recording is clean and I'm in awe when it comes to some of the solos. It doesn't matter how fast you're playing you make sure every note is clean and tight. Pure show of skill and experience.
The vocals: I'm not a fan of the lyrics. They are humorous, but not my taste. I do like the background chatter. They could potentially make good comic relief in something and I like it when you're actually singing. It's good to hear what you sound like. and I like what I hear, especially when you sing "Well I close my eyes.." That section's pretty sweet.

Is it just me or are you missing the last group of lyrics?

All in all a good solid track. And from me I think this would deserve a 8.0 out of 10. And I hope Tim's mom either feels flattered or she never hears this

Be awesome, be more awesome, and repeat.

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Ceevro responds:

Hehe. The whole 'Tim's Mom' thing is directed at a coworker. Counter-prank. He felt it would be hilarious to sign me up as a member of every religion that would take membership online, resulting in me being inundated with literature arriving at my office.

The pranks have been ongoing, and they're generally pretty funny. And thus, I felt that dissing his mom was the natural next-step. I had planned to keep the theme for as far as I could go in the contest...my next song was going to be a soulful rock ballad...

This sounds amazing, and is wonderfully hilarious. Loved it.

It starts off sort of confusingly, but quickly evolves into something awesome. You do a really good grating "high jazz musician" voice. The song never bores, since at any one point in the song, you've either got lyrics, a guitar solo, or are complimenting yourself on your singing. That 'Dust in the Wind' break? I can never hear that song the same way again. I may be a bit mistaken, but did you add a 'La Grange' vocal reference in there as well?

If I wanted to find something wrong with this song, I could probably nitpick really closely and say that the editing on the high-pitched vocals is still a bit distorted, especially during the guitar solo. Also, it bothers me a little that "dumb" and "Mom" don't rhyme. But seriously, this is like SkyeWint-level nitpicking. This is a really awesome song. I'm definitely looking forward to what you put out in the future!

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Ceevro responds:

Haha, I'm glad I got someone laughing! I think that with the 'Dust in the Wind' break, the two words that actually bring it all home are '...in tears...' And yeah, had to include on ZZ Top. Especially seeing as the subject of La Grange was a brothel, haha!

As for 'dumb' and 'mom' not rhyming...that's a matter of intonation/accent. I mean, I've heard 'pillow' and 'tractor' rhymed in a country song, once. As Frank Sinatra says, "Good enough fer jazz."

And yes, I have a lot to learn about the final stages of editing...I'm workin' on it!

Wow! I really have to confess that as a jazz fan at the beginning i wasnt sure what til should be with all the talking. But after listening the complete track i am convinced :D Its a nice talking intro / frame for the jazzy pieces. Know them all! Did you sing this by yourself??? If so - even more wow!

You get 5 starts from me good sir since:
- this was very refreshing
- this was a very uncommon way to enter this genre IMO which i found very cool
- the singing was strong
- the guitar also sounded very vintage

Keep up the great work and good luck for your 2nd round @ NGADM!

All the best,

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Ceevro responds:

Well, sadly, I didn't make it to the 2nd Round. I did, however, meet some great musicians, and learn a whole lot.

Yes, yes everything on this track was me, and it was all acoustic, recorded in my very own home. That even includes the female voices, for which I had to do some computer FX, but it got done.

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4.67 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2014
11:10 PM EDT
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