Ira de Deus Mechanicus

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Hi world. This is our final version for first round of NGADM. My colleague, @JRob has done a great job trying to keep it as cyberpunky as possible. And I applaud him for that very much. We both did our parts and contributed to this project equally. Now we gotta sit and wait for the outcome of contest.

I do not care if this win or not. That's my honest thought. I really want to learn more from this contest. Because I have listened to people's entries so far and we're dwarfed by them sheer awesome!

Good luck to you all in the contest!


We're coming for you, @PeterSatera >:)

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KatMaestro + Jrob

This is an NGADM Round 1 Review:


Wow, now this is what I called an action-packed track! Well done incorporating the intensity of the electronic sounds into the structure of the orchestral setting. Really catchy, with a raw sense of action. I must have listened to the part at 0:25 – 0:55 a hundred times; so good! Nice touch with the choir by the way, it really adds a ton of suspense. Actually, now that I think about it, I can really see this being in a Deus Ex game. Your drums are very well implemented, which of course provides all of the other sounds with a fantastic foundation.

I think that the production of this song could use some work. Sometimes it seems that there is a little too much going on, the result is that the track becomes muddy at times due to overcrowded instruments. A prime example of this can be heard at 1:03 up until 1:37. The drums are at war with the synth, especially with the lower frequencies. Some volume adjustment in this area might help. The strings from the very beginning until 0:25 and then again at 0:55 and 1:48 sound like they are stretched thin, excellent composition at these parts though. Forgive me if I am wrong, though I think at 3:32 there is some slight clipping (thought it could just be the glitch effect).

Solid track, and very impressive blending of those two styles! I'd love to hear more! :D

Score: 7.5/10

This is an NGADM Round 1 Review.


Not going to lie, I have a HUGE soft spot for electronic/orchestral hybrids so I very much enjoyed this. The two of you have created a very action-packed and Matrix-esque piece of music, highlighting undeniable synergy between strings/brass and gritty bass synths/techno percussion. Apart from commending you on your melding of these two styles, I've also got to give credit to the composition used to tie everything together. You have some pretty great motifs like the strings melody at the beginning and a similar counterpart at 1:23. The percussion is highly fitting, but as a small suggestion, I would add more drum fills. Parts such as the introduction of the drums at 1:23 sound a bit sudden and offputting without a drum fill to suitably prepare the listener for the upcoming drum beat.

Most of the sounds you used are absolutely fantastic and fit incredibly well together. I love how you incorporated the choir into the track, as it gives off a thematically suitable 'end of the world' vibe. The glitch/electronic elements are spot on, and the orchestral instruments are high-quality and arranged well. The only thing I haven't mentioned yet is the one main thing I think is poor in this track, which is the mixing. It does not do the samples/sound justice, especially in the extremely busy sections like 0:28, instead making them sound unclear and muddy. I believe that the whole track could do with sounding brighter and having more breathing room, which means entirely redoing the EQ to remove clashing frequencies and giving the track more high end and less lows/mids.

Hope that helped! A solid submission, keep up the good work.

SCORE: 8/10

Awesome. To be honest -at the beginning i wasnt really convinced if this would become good or not. But then the tension was risen quite heavy and everything started to make sense. Awesome hybrid effect usage, awesome percussion, nice choir - i think it needed more reverb to feel even more epic. I guess what i hear here is 8Dio hybrid tools 3, epic perc, requiem pro - seems you had a nice little shopping tour. Awesome result. Keep it up!

Really interesting! I love the mixture between the orchestral sound and electronic. I'm impressed by the variety of sounds in here and I like the female vocals at 1:37. I can imagine this being in a futuristic action scene from a movie or game. I also like the bit at 2:04 onwards where the piece builds back up again.

I really enjoyed this, a unique style! Good luck in the competition :)

Ok just wow here!

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4.73 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2014
7:57 PM EDT
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