Moving plates

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Some synth and loops blended with orchestral sound.

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This is an NGADM Round 1 Review:

Ah! This piece has a gripping introduction. The brass seems to tower over everything in an epic fashion, while the staccatos are always a splendid way to bring about urgency. As Step has pointed out, the large chords that you bring in at 0:35 are great for getting a hold of the listener. Your percussion adds a nice touch to the suspense of the song, though it does sit idle in a lot of places (we'll touch on that after). I wasn't sure what to expect when you said you were going to use synths in your track, but I really like what you have done here. The electronic beat really blends well and it makes me tap my feet! I would have loved to hear more of that by the way! The melody at 2:19 fits incredibly well into where you have it placed in the track, it ties that whole portion of the song together pleasantly. I love the gong and that sustained chord at the end, well done!

The brass at the beginning was a little jarring. It sounded akin to a fog horn in a way, perhaps due to the pitch used. The mixing does need some work. For example, the percussion sits in the background without much emphasis, while the strings tend to dominate the song. Increasing the volume of the percussion without going overboard on some of the lower to mid range frequencies could work well. Also, the brass is a little hazy, as if it was placed too far back in a concert hall. Other than that, the song is kind of repetitive but your main theme retains its charm throughout and I can definitely hear it in a film!

I think this track, with a few tweaks here and there would be amazing! However, that's not to say that it's not already impressive. You have done a really solid job! Keep it up! :)

Score: 7/10

This is an NGADM Round 1 Review.


This is a submission that I'm torn about, because on the one hand it has a neat atmosphere and wonderful motif, but on the other hand there are various issues that take it down. I'll get the ball rolling with the good news. You've created an impressive and very cinematic atmosphere with your huge, deep chords played by a thick string ensemble and looming, sustained brass notes. It's the kind of atmosphere that can do a great job of sucking you in, making it perfect for, say, a film score. Speaking of which, you have a great motif here. I mean, it's kind of stretched out and repetitive, which does make it boring at times, but it's still pretty memorable and sounds exactly like a leitmotif for a score to a blockbuster film. When you repeat it later on in a higher key, it leaves its intended effect of bringing the track together in dramatic and climactic grandeur.

Now, onto the bad news. In terms of production value, while I don't think this is terrible, it's considerably muddy. I can tell you from now it's entirely possible to make a track both warm and thick while still making it clear, and unfortunately that isn't the case over here. I honestly can't hear much outside your sustained orchestral chords, let alone identify what other sounds you have hidden under there... bass drums, timpani, staccato strings? I also agree with KoraMusic that the brass's pitch is a tad bit offputting. It sounded alright at the very beginning but after around 0:10 it simply sounded out of place and wobbly. You have some abrupt transitions, primarily 1:38 and 3:54. Lastly, for a piece that's a full four minutes and then some, I expected some more varied content.

What you provided may have not been quirk-free, but it's still a good listening experience. Solid work.

SCORE: 7.3/10

PascalPalomino responds:

Hey thanks for this review. I do find it hard to tweak instruments so they don't get muddy. I'm working on it.
This was a great contest to be part of. Keep up the good work.

Ah, I really like that main motif, it has a really brooding feel. Nice work.

PascalPalomino responds:


This is mixed much better than your previous audio posts so good work! The pitch is kinda wonky feeling and most obvious in the brass. I assume at least a degree of this is intentional, but for some people this can throw off the moment. It is a little muddied overall, which much of is due to the mixing quality, however also in the instrumentation. This piece is meant to be thick, but that's better achieved from well produced tone rather than multitude of mediocre samples. Overall though I think your pieces have much to offer for those looking for cinematic styles! Fun listening

PascalPalomino responds:

Thanks for listening and for commenting. I wasn't shure with the pitch bending effect on the brass to but I decided to keep it. Thanks again and good job with the music on soundcloud

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Aug 17, 2014
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