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Author Comments

I opted to try something outside of my usual "cinematic" comfort zone. Been listening to a lot of post-rock bands and Japanese composers lately, so whatever came out of my head was subliminally influenced. NOT a smooth ride I can tell you that much. I was so frustrated at first, that I almost trashed this piece. Well it's still not perfect, but a decent start I suppose. Trial and error, baby!


pretty damn neat

I loved the composition and the mix of guitars and symphonic elements. Although throughout the piece I found myself thinking that there were too many instruments thrown at me at once. Perhaps it was the mix, but I couldn't hear every instrument clearly as much as I really wanted to. The low end was rather overpowering, but over all I really enjoyed the song. It had this "epic" quality about it. Very well done sir.

This is an NGADM Round 1 Review:


Interesting! As others have stated, I was also surprised at the choice you made for round 1. It’s always great when a composer wanders into new territory, makes use of different instruments and tries new things in general. I believe this holds true for your track. It seems that you've climbed onto a new, yet familiar branch on the tree of music – and you have done a marvelous job! As always, your composition and production skills are wonderful and together they create a treat for the ears to behold. The introduction with the piano and light guitar vibes is very smooth, and the entry of the drums at 0:32 are well-placed. When the bass kicks in fully, I can’t help but move my head along with the music! Moving right along, you know how to work with strings, that’s for sure! Your conclusion was great by the way, really sounded like the right way to finish the track by returning to those evocative piano notes.

As stated above, your production skills are good, but there are parts of the mix where things sound a little jumbled. The drums and the bass are the two chief concerns, with the guitar coming in as a close third. After 0:53 or so, when the strings burst onto the scene, it seems like the bass sort of slowly fades into the background while the drums and guitar struggle ever so slightly to keep up with it all. Nothing too major, but it is noticeable with each consecutive listen. I think these are quite easy fixes though.

I really enjoyed listening to this piece Jacob; you have created a wonderful song! I look forward to your upcoming work. :)

Score: 8.5/10

This is an NGADM Round 1 Review.


This is one of the most pleasant surprises of the round. I mean, I always thought you were one of the best orchestral composers on the site, but that's the thing - I thought orchestral was all you did. While this is isn't a full step outside of orchestral, it's certainly a very different flavour from what you usually cook up for the NGADM, and I personally loved this approach. The strong point of this track has to, without a doubt, be the composition. I hear the influence of Japanese composition in this track, which is something I definitely can't complain about since I'm a fan of a lot of Japanese composers. The melodies and harmonies were beautiful, and the 7/8 metre coupled with the rock influences give this a fitting and unique prog-rock kind of vibe. Did I forget to mention that the intro and outro are both FANTASTIC?

Now for the production... I'm in two minds. I'll start with the good stuff. The way you used and mixed your strings was great. They sound like they're played in tremolo or something, because they have this rugged texture in the sustained notes which melds spectacularly with the more aggressive guitars and drums. Now for the bad news. The mix is muddy. The only thing which will fix this is a heavy EQing job, because right now a lot of frequencies are clashing nastily. The bass is competely drowned out, and the guitar and drums mercilessly fight each other for a place in the metaphorical spotlight. I'm afraid I'm not a fan of the drum sounds you're using either. Maybe it's just the way you mixed them, but the snare is so fat that it kind of gets obnoxious and the kick almost sounds like it's not there.

I docked a full point for the mixing! If your mix was perfect, I wouldn't hesitate giving this a 10. Great work.

SCORE: 9/10

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I like it very much. A great piece of music with rich enjoyable sound. I can totally hear post-rock/Japanese influence. There was a moment around 1:14 though, when the violins sounded as a separate channel, that dragged me a bit out of the uniformity of this piece. Stands out a bit too much. There's also the thing that I stop following the music when its at 2 minute mark but then it ends quite soon and very nicely. The intro is nice too, btw. Good luck experimenting with this genre!

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4.08 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2014
1:55 PM EDT
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