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NGADM 2014 Round 1 submission!
LTD Viper 417, Poulin LE456, FL 11, Superior Drummer 2, Nexus 2, Arturia Microbrute.

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I absolutely love it! The mixing and composition are outstanding! The guitar and synths blend together extremely well! I'm rating it 4.5 because it's way too short and the loop doesn't sound quite right. Also some of the transitions are too sudden. But everything else is very well done!

I love everything you did in it with one exception... Well, it's more of a two-part exception: It's a 2:12 minute long loop. Make this in a complete song winth a begining middle, end and propper length and it will be absolutely perfect. As it is, it's "just" really f-ing epic. 9/10

All I can say is this is amazing! Great work dude.

This is a NGADM review!
Well screw me sideways, this anhiliated my very soul.
Mix: 9.5
What an epic guitar sound (and I don't use that word lightly)! My singular complain about this mix is one that would only trouble a more capable person like yourself if they had a view to make it professionally, but I will hold you to these standards because I think you can match them.
Your mix is fantastic - it's rich, deep, clear and man, so much impact, but it feels empty at times. This is because you had to make space for the synths, but when the synths aren't playing they leave a very noticable gap in the sound (for example around 0:43). You can maybe automate your EQ, just to beef up the guitar, bass or drums for this section or double it up with another synth that fills the gap without taking attention away from the guitar.
You used a really interesting blend of sounds that you don't often get together (are you a Soilwork/Scar Symmetry fan by any chance? Similar styles but they're less dubstep-y...).
Composition: 9.5
What's missing? Some transitions could have been more elegant to help the piece flow even more. For example at 0:13, it could have been a lot cleaner if you turned down the background a little, and the impact of the next section would have been so much greater.
On the plus side it's super varied and interesting throughout. I loved how the rhythm guitar weaved its way around the other melodies happening in the song, that all the individual elements are more than the sum of their parts.

Honestly, I love this track, fantastic work.

This is an NGADM Round 1 Review.


Your audition won the "Most Aggressive Guitar Sound" award from me, so I was looking forward to what else you can cook up with your beastly guitar tones, and I am more than satisfied with the result. This is fantastic work. It nails such a unique and surprisingly fitting balance between aggressive/gritty and spacey/trippy. This equilibrium is established effectively with the tastefully abrupt transition at 0:14 followed by 0:28's melding of these two different moods, serving as proof of their synergy. Then, when you hit a dramatic climax towards the end with the high string pads and vicious guitar riffs providing ever-increasing tension, I felt both captivated and in awe. Nice work!

While you've got some excellent ideas here, I can't neglect to mention your excellent execution of them. The guitar playing is tight, and the mix is clear and wide. The transitions, while occasionally abrupt, all work well and allow the track to flow smoothly. Your well-executed blend of dubstep and metal is very welcomed too. Ultimately, my main issue with this is that it left me wanting more. You have just 2 minutes of content that reaches its end too quickly. You're in a group with people like Kor-Rune who did double your length with even more variety, so how can I not wish your track had the same amount of content? On top of that, the loop itself is pretty sudden and premature. Hell, I don't even think that there should be a loop in the first place. This track is begging for a satisfying, powerful ending to resolve all the tension you built up at the end.

While it leaves me somewhat unsatisfied and wishing for more, this is one of my favourites of the round. Nicely done!

SCORE: 9/10

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4.45 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2014
11:32 AM EDT
Heavy Metal
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