Right On Time

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NGADM Round 1 entry! Bosa not on it now, kinda short on time, and besides I feel like it's a little fleshy. I hope you guys like it! Bad title luck tho, I was late to work cause of working on this song.

Clouds, that were once out of sight
Have materialized
Dancing at our toes
Closer as you dive down

Your altitude keeps falling,
But your wings are fixable,
Your aptitude ain't petty, no
So why are you miserable

Soon you'll be in pieces
And love will never mend you
Like you want it to, like you need it to

Nothings here to hurt you
But awful premonitions
Dont live in death before you touch the ground

Your attitude is worsening, you're always so predictable, susceptible
Your enemy knows not your name
Don't cut the sky if you fall again

Your aptitude was never apt at all
Are you functional? Can you talk to me?
Your friends know not your pain
They are rational, they are sane

So dontchu gimme reason to accommodate a fool (I'm done doin ya favors)
I never wanna be another ear to your ego
Put it down I promise you are burdening you (You're not gonna fall any slower)
Put it down and take another shot at the sky
Should you unfurl your gear, your turbulence will last for years

Hup! Hup!
Pick it up!

You dominate the sky, your altitude ascending, and all of everything is fine
So go faster by the hour, and you'll be here at home right on time

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What the heck Kor-Rune you only used like a COUPLE of completely ridiculous chord unexpected chord changes in this song. You must be losing your edge.

This is awesome like normal. It's even catchy at a couple of points, like whoa. I would not have expected that out of your older music. I'm glad you're putting that prodigious amount of talent you have to good use.

the overall mixing really hindered your song. if you put in more time into that, the whole quality would jump tenfold.

your melodic ideas were solid. i loved your style of vocals and the use of panning.

thats my review.

Kor-Rune responds:

Thanks! I'll be sure to work on my mixing! I was definitely not sure about that clean guitar, kick or snare. ATROCIOUS

This is a NGADM Round 1 Review!
Well you certainly live up to your reputation! The song is interesting, varied and your performance (read: guitar playing and singing) is outstanding.
Mix: 8.5/10
I wanted more from this mix. To my ears the mids are quite muddy in this and would have benefited from being cleaner, it would have allowed you to make the drums punchier and given the whole track the edge that it lacked. The vocals also needed a little tweak, a little more deessing would go a long way to relieving their harshness. Having said that, the rest is great. The song is well balanced, you made good use of the stereo spectrum with the wide guitars and vocals working especially well together and you have a really great guitar sound. It sounds natural or organic and you play it like a real pro. Bonus for a great vocal performance too.
Composition: 9.5/10
The song doesn't get boring at any point, you wrote good transitions, the melodies and rhythms are varied and make sense. It's never too crowded and yet it feels like everything is being used, nothing is wasted... Honestly it's a fantastic song in that respect.
Also I like your lyrics!

Awesome stuff Kor-Rune!

Kor-Rune responds:

Thank you so much MetalRenard for your tips on the mix! I'll work on cleaning the spectrum, and trying new kits to match. I definitely also agree on the deessing, it frustrated me all mix and so I eventually just looked up compression parameters and called it quits LOL. consonants are dumb, we should just all speak french. :}

Thanks again!

This is an NGADM Round 1 Review.


Kor-Rune... man! This track, to me, serves as a reminder for how much I missed your music. The beautiful atmospheres, the creative chord progressions, the plethora of varied sections, the contrasts, the mood changes. You are such a talanted musician and no matter how many times I tirelessly repeat it, it will never do your musical skill justice. Fantastic work with this track. I can concur with SoundChris that this is one of your better works. It has one of my favourite intros you've done, and the vocal work is absolutely TOP NOTCH. Seriously, some of the best vocals I've heard from you. Of course, in terms of composition you certainly don't fall behind. Complex harmonies and fantastic melodies 4 dayz.

One topic I'd like to talk about would be the mood changes and contrasts. You've got some pretty extreme changes in this track! You call it ADHD, but in a lot of cases I honestly think they work beautifully, especially since they comply with the flow of the lyrics. 1:51's mood change, while very brave, sounds great in my opinion, and I have to give you credit for approaching it in such a suitable manner by ending that section on a weak/unfinished note. 2:21's section has a bunch of mood changes, from bouncy and detached to brooding and legato, and I personally loved the contrast. The only change I didn't like was 0:45 which feels entirely nonsensical and off-putting. While I'm a fan of your intro, because of that transition I'm not a fan of how well it fits with the rest of the track. Mixing was great, if a bit undefined at times.

As always, finding faults in your track remains difficult. Superb work!

SCORE: 9.6/10

Did I really not review this yet? I lyk it m8 it is really nice. I love the section at 2:21. Brilliant. This is really great.

Kor-Rune responds:

:3 m8

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Aug 16, 2014
11:49 PM EDT
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