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A very groovy piece of funk I made for NGADM 2014. Although I'd dare to call myself prominent with rhythm, it's been rare that I successfully finish a track with emphasis on the rhythm instead of the melodies.

Truth be told, I made a lot of song templates during the competition, and this one I didn't plan to use, because I couldn't continue it from 0:30 mark at the time. I did end up using this, as I just got the spike of inspiration I needed to finish this (and also do progress with a load of other things). It's not polished, but oh, the groove :p

Made with LMMS 1.0.3 using Lmmaster's drum samples, Evanessence 1.7GB soundfont, Versilian studios Upright 1 piano, Zynaddsubfx, and Hydrogen drumkits

Hopefully there's something you find enjoyable :)

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This is an NGADM Round 1 Review:


Do you know what I thought of immediately within the first 30 seconds of your track? Old school Sonic the Hedgehog. Either that, or the casino theme in Pokemon games. Man, I love that. While it reminds me of these things, this song is, in itself something else entirely. The way you keep layering different instruments such as the bass and jazzy percussion together is fantastic! Speaking of which, the percussion as a whole flows incredibly well, and it is further supplemented with the catchy and smooth synths that you have thrown in here. All of these things really add up, and in the end you are left with a great melody and sense of pace – just well-rounded composition overall. Oh, and I like how you have the song looped as well (makes it hard to turn it off because you want to keep listening)!

This track is a tad repetitive, but honestly that didn’t bother me all that much due to the smooth groove! It should be noted that the portion from 1:28 – 2:00 lasted a bit long though. The big thing to talk about here is your mix. There are times when certain instruments tend to slightly overpower others. Going back to 1:28 – 2:00, more precisely at 1:45, there seems to be too much going on. The bass sounds flooded almost and the percussion is a tiny bit sharp. Nothing serious! However, adjusting the bass so that it gives off less of a ‘wet’ sound might help.

I can’t help but bop my head and tap my feet while listening to this song! The groove is strong with this one! Great job Jernemies. :D

Score: 7.75/10

Jernemies responds:

Thanks for the opinion :) Never thought this'd be encased in the same sentence as Sonic or Pokemon games, since I frankly never listened to their soundtracks.
Points noted

This is one song I like. Reminds me of some game tunes back in the past. I love the tune at 2:08. Really good! Those chords in my left ear, very lovely! I would say the drums are a bit low in volume, especially the snare. I like the bass and its stereo, but it's quite loud.
That pad-like sound at 2:26 is so damn chill. Very nice one.

Cool work. I really come back to listen again. (:

Jernemies responds:

Thanks :)
Points noted. I already elaborated a little about that in response to Step, but thanks for pointing it out in a little more detail, helps me look for the errors.
Glad you also like it

This is an NGADM Round 1 Review.


Some groove? Why thank you! You shouldn't have! This is such a fun and bold track that I can't imagine anyone on their first listen not smiling or succumbing to the contageous rhythm by tapping their foot at the very least. Speaking of which, I'm going to start by saying that, rhythmically, this is brilliant. You indeed have an excellent grasp of the swing rhythm and every element works together beautifully with the rhythmic backbone - the percussion. The rhythm/groove of the drums is complex, varied and intricate but at the same time easy to follow, which is the mark of good percussion - accents and drum hits in just the right places.

Having said that, calling it just "rhythmic stuff" as you did in the thread doesn't do it nearly enough justice, because even in other aspects of composition this track does not fail to impress. You have a fantastic structure. While I think the primary bassline was a bit overused and some harmonies were weird, you otherwise know exactly when to switch things around with some new grooves and alternate melodies. Loving your intro and how gradually you introduce the track. You set the mood swiftly and slowly build on it until you've fully introduced and established every major element. If I had to suggest anything to improve on in this track, it would definitely be the mix. I can hear the lack of polish you're talking about. The bass is way too heavy, the high hats penetrate the mix a bit too much, other drums are drowned out, and certain sections without the plucked bass sound empty.

But what the heck, you've got a good track with a loveable mood, addictive groove and fun melodies. What's not to like?

SCORE: 8.1/10

Jernemies responds:

Oh thanks, that's a nice bunch of details and nitpicks :)
Points noted. I must admit that I was being a little lazy with the bass, as I didn't know what else would have fit in there without ruining the mood the song has been building up for a good amount of time before that already. The bass is indeed heavy, as there's both the synth and pluck bass playing at the same time in some sections. This is a problem I didn't even think about in the making of this song D: In hindsight, cloning the synth bass, filtering/EQing off the low end and doing a little arranging around for the clone would have done wonders. Would have also made an easy solution to the emptiness problem. Drums aren't that bad until the "fullest" part of the song comes into play, where the problems you mentioned also are the most obvious.

I'm also going to enter NGADM 2015 if it ever gets done, and keep doing this kind of stuff. This isn't the stuff people often put out or are used to hearing, so more the reason to do just that

Glad you like it :)

Really like the progression. And the vibe. And the groove. And the funk. And the mysterious atmosphere. I can imagine a dozen indie game scenarios in which this would work fantastically.

Great work! Good luck!

Jernemies responds:

Thanks and good luck :)

Groovy baby. Very groovy.

Jernemies responds:

That marks for a "mission complete!" :)

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Aug 16, 2014
1:21 PM EDT
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