Gary Goat - Bazaar

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An Arabic-themed track that's sure to get your booty shaking!
This is the full, finished and mastered track. Enjoy!

This was made by me, TetratonMusic, for the Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch 2014! It is posted under my new musical alias, Gary Goat. I will be going by that name from now on, however I'll remain posting to this NG Account.

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This is a NGADM Round 1 Review!
Hmm... A bit torn about this piece.
Mix: 8/10
I'll start by saying why you didn't get a better score right off the bat - One aspect is the brass part that plays the highlights at the end of each bar. It's excessivly stereo-enchanced and sounds really, really odd in the context of the song, like the song is playing in front of me in a valley and the brass is playing out of a horn at the top of the two cliffs either side of the valley. You can fix this by blending it with other sounds and using less phase-related stereo-enhancement such as Mid/Side or Left/Right EQing. You also need to give some of the acoustic instruments more detail and a space to play in, meaning more reverb so they sit with the other instruments.
What you did get right is the drums are deep, the piece is varied (sonically) and yet it flows. Good job on those.
I feel like the piece lacked a focal point. There were some good ideas but the whole thing felt like it was unfinished, just a backing track for someone to come along and add vocals to (hip-hop style?) or play another instrument on top of. That lost you quite a few points. Also a flute can't be played that way (like the intro), you have to breathe from time to time! :P
Aside from that your piece has a consistent theme throughout, sets an atmosphere and keeps it going throughout, which is important. You had a few interesting ideas in there but it gets repetitive eventually.

That gives you 7.5/10 (or 8 here because I have to round it up).

This is an NGADM Round 1 Review.


First and foremost, credit is due to you for making the only track this round which has a clear ethnic flavour to it. You really went full-out on the arabic influences, not only throwing in a variety of ethnic instruments, but even using the phrygian dominant scale, a scale used often in arabic music, to seemingly nullify any possible accusations of an inauthentic track! The lengths you took are appreciable, and create a unique and fairly memorable listening experience with an intriguing blend of instruments and styles. Some particular things which I enjoy in this track would be the deep sub bass, the drums in general and the rise in intensity at the end when you speed things up. There's some good stuff in here!

That being said, I do have quite a few gripes with this track. For starters, the melodies sound somewhat uninspired. They may seem attractive at the start but after a while they just sound like they're running up and down the scale with little expression. It also got considerably repetitive after a while, since the novelty of an arabic/electronic hybrid wears off you make a conscious effort to maintain interest. The woodwind instrument that comes in a few seconds into the track sounds pretty wonky due to excessive vibrato, and also could do with more reverb. Most of the melodic instruments in fact, while well-chosen, don't sound too great, although that flute stuck out particularly to me. You know, in case it helps, here's a track with a somewhat similar kind of concept to yours which you could perhaps use for inspiration! http://goo.gl/PgVkzg

Right, as a recap - great idea, solid drums, good instrument arrangement, unfortunately a little uninspired/repetitive. Good work overall; a fun listen!

SCORE: 7.4/10

I enjoyed this; thoroughly. It's not perfect, but nothing is.

It's fun and it combines elements in a very interesting manner.
I love that low kick sample. Actually, I love the drums as a whole. Very groovy beat.

Horns at 0:39 could use a smidge of Reverb, but that's all I've got in terms of (Constructive) critique.

Good stuff. Good luck!

TetratonMusic responds:


This rad :O. Really liked the beat. I actually loved it :D. I liked how you used arabic instruments to set a mood. A problem with this track is first of all that this is either for twerking or from someone to rap over. Either you gottasee someone twerking to it, or you need someone to rap over it. It's basically just a backing track/instrumental. Thus I got bored halfway through :/. The melody never changes. You did a nice job covering up that fact b varying the beat in an excellent way, but it just wasn't enough for me.
Another thing is that I felt like the instruments didn't mix so well with the drums and percussion.
The percussion sound pretty other wordly, while the percussions sounds very flat if you know what I mean. The sounds are great, but they didn't sound that well together. I would have added some reverb on the percussion as well. Maybe not the bass drum, but at least the snaps and snares.

Another thing I have to mention is that I feel like I've already hear the melody. It's a pretty normal melody in Indian music I think. Even think I heard that melody in the alladin disney movies, though I can't really prove it so I won't base my rating on that.

Basically, I thought the track was good, but it isn't anything special by it's own. It really is more of a Hip-Hop instrumental. It might just all be because of my own preferences, but I'm afraid I persoanlly can't count this as a completed track :/. Sorry if I'm beeing a little bit harsh, but I just feel like Abort and Soar part 2 was much better than this. I was hoping you would go for something like that throughout the competition.
3 Stars.

TetratonMusic responds:

Hey! Thanks a ton for the review, it's really helpful. I can agree with you on the fact that the melody is a tad bit too repetitive, but at the point I was at with the song, it was hard for me to think of any major change while still keeping the arabic-themed key that I was in. Obviously, it could've been done, but at the time, I was having some serious musical blockage. Other than that, I personally think the percussion blends well together. The melody itself wasn't taken from anything in particular, it was just designed to sound fairly stereotypical, which makes sense why you think you've heard it before.

All in all, thanks a ton for the review; I'll keep a lot of your pointers in mind for the next track... After all, this was my first attempt at this type of song!

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Aug 13, 2014
3:21 PM EDT
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