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Enrico Dandolo Blues

Author Comments

this is for the underdog contest and im not going to be able to work on most of the days leading up until the due date so this might seem a bit schizophrenic and directionless

i dont care



Strange but not unpleasant piece. The synth at 20 was quite harsh and didn't transition well with the rest of the piece at all -- and the moods contrasted completely between beginning to 1:00. However, I didn't dislike this overall. I most like the sounds at 1:40. They appear to go together well. 1:55 was an interesting bit but stands alone better than it goes with the rest of the song.

Not sure what you were going for over all, as this one is confusing. It might make good for an animation with a lot of moodswings, however.

Nice work! Keep the requests coming!

I like the synths at the beginning, and the reverb really added a lot of atmosphere. The synth at around :20 was rather jarring and harsh-sounding, though, and I really don't understand why you chose that to transition into :35. I don't think you need something like that synth in there at all, as the part at :40 completely contrasts in mood to the previous half a minute and makes the first minute or so of this piece completely disorienting. In your last piece, I think a lot of these rather unexpected twists and turn and distortions worked very well. Here, at least during the first minute, they don't work so well. On the other hand, the last minute and 18 seconds is rather amusing. I like how you combine the beautiful high-pitched pads/synths and agro-techy synth bass at 1:00. It seems to go flawlessly with the part at 1:19, and I love how you use changes in filter cut-off frequencies as your transitions! 1:40 was also cool part, and the ending seemed...well...fitting, to say the least. I think I like your style a lot, Lasse. There's plenty of musical value in your pieces, but it's almost as if you're trying to troll people with your unconventional structure/transitions/instruments/effects/etc. Good job! I'm really curious about what else you might produce, for this contest and beyond! Next time, though, for my sake, perhaps it couldn't hurt to introduce these tracks' inherent quirkiness a little at a time, yes? ;)


This is a NGAUC review.

You start by reeling me in with this atmospheric, percussive ambience, and then it goes haywire until.... BAM! it starts to resemble a stage-performed version of the blues. I used to perform blues myself, just among friends -- and they often let me listen to modern renditions of it, but this one kinda nails it for me. It has twists and turns on traditional blues chords that I wouldn't have otherwise expected. Needless to say, 0:42 to 1:37 is my favourite bit of this piece.

1:39 sounds nice, but a bit out of place.

The piece's ending has weirded me out.......... a little bit of decay fading to silence would have worked (I hear a cut in the sound).

I have no complaints on the mixing; everything has its proper place. Your percussions are extremely well done, and I enjoy them most of this piece. That piano you used is so mellow and nice. Your instrumentation is quirky, granted, but not without reason. Everything is fluid and can be experimented upon.

The main trouble I have, like you said yourself in the description, is that it's a bit directionless. (I wouldn't call it "schizophrenic," but hey.) Not directionless in the sense of "no structure," because I could perhaps consider it programme music, like that of 20th century composers. And I don't mind a good dose of programme music every now and then. But rather, directionless in the sense of "um, perhaps a bit more?" 0:42 to 1:37, and the drums immediately before that, gave it a sense of direction and I thoroughly enjoyed it. And then it.... fizzled out.

Overall I enjoyed it, it sounded playful, but...... perhaps a bit more? I don't know if this felt like a preview, or an unfinished track (or experiment thereof).


refreshing and unpredictable. the way you fluidly play with tempo and shit without it sounding too weird reminds me of daniel johnston

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4.76 / 5.00

Aug 13, 2014
11:39 AM EDT
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5.3 MB
2 min 19 sec

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