A park in Mosul

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I actually thought about posting the link to the article here, but decided not to for the sake of some wishing not to see the graphic photos of decapitated children and those killed by the ISIS. I'd rather just send a PM to those wanting the source of the below article. This is why I compose music.

"The terrorists who have invaded Mosul and other ancient Christian communities in Syria and Iraq have made music videos of themselves murdering civilians and captured soldiers. They are literally enjoying the act of killing and the fear and suffering experienced by others. This sadism may be the purest manifestation of evil witnessed since the Rape of Nanking during WWII.

Already, several images have emerged of Christian children beheaded by ISIS, merely for being Christian.

According to Arabo, women are being raped, then murdered, and men are being hanged. These are the people who were warned - convert to Islam or be put to the sword.

Even families that pay the tax, mandated by ISIS for Christians who remain, are now being victimized. The women are allegedly being taken from their husbands and made into "wives" belonging to the ISIS fighters. This means they can rape them and even kill them, if they do not subsequently agree to convert to Islam.

Not all Christians could flee, perhaps because they were caring for elderly relatives or small children or had some other reason they could not walk out of the city and trek across the desert. Perhaps some thought paying a tax would save them and their homes and businesses.

Still, in another part of Iraq, refugees retreated into the mountains where they have been surrounded by ISIS rebels who are now waiting for them to starve and die from exposure."

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A great track and a very sad feel behind it.

Phonometrologist responds:

Well I'm glad that this piece is interpreted to be quite appropriate in the meaning.
Thank you for listening :)

Religion is supposed to bring us peace yet it's what started almost every war.
I really can't believe how they can just decapitate children like that, there must be something wrong with them. It really makes me sick.
This track is very dark and like Kat said eerie.
Great work on it.

Phonometrologist responds:

Religion without grace creates two types of people: those that become prideful because they can keep all the “rules,” and depressed people because they cannot. Religion in itself doesn’t bring peace and that has become quite apparent.
This is what Martin Luther King Jr called “The Drum Major Instinct” in his last sermon before he was murdered. The desire of the human heart to be first—the pride and self-righteousness that people perpetuate onto others more often than not result in violence and hate for another as they themselves attempt to reach supremacy. It’s just so easy to take that form through religion. The idea that “we” know right and are better because of what “we” believe. Love doesn’t insist on its own way, and so in the absence of that, people will kill those that are different or that are perceived to be weaker. But children? That’s a whole other evil that I wasn’t prepared to read about and see.

One mistake that a people can make is to think that they can never get to that point. That these types of behaviors only belong to primitive people. We have to remember that through one of the most educated and technological advanced societies of the world in the early 20th Century, Germany has done many similar atrocities over an ideology that they were greater than the rest.
My point isn’t meant for pessimism, but rather to remind and encourage, because through these stories there is a hope and a renewed focus to live abundantly in serving others.
Thank you for making time to listen and leaving a comment. For me personally, this track is dark in a sense of being lost through the sadness of it all rather than being purely frightening. It has been quite therapeutic.

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