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I tried to go with a style that I'm more comfortable in doing this year, but I didn't really have a good flow throughout the whole process of making this song. I was actually thinking about waiting with my previous upload "Dorkyl" in case I'd pass the auditions for NGADM 14, but I didn't think that I'd make it so I uploaded it anyway.

It's not as big of a challenge if you don't make the songs when you're supposed to, right? :D

Oh well I think it has some cool elements in it, but more work could be done to it. However I wont have much time until deadline the last week as it stands now so I "finished it".

Have a nice day!
Good luck to all!

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This is a NGADM Round 1 Review!
I'll be straight with you and say that usually chiptune gets on my nerves and makes my ears bleed unless it's treated properly but... You did treat it well so you can let out that breath you were holding in now. ;P
Mix: 8/10
I'm glad you didn't use super harsh sounding saw waves etc that so many people tend to use in chiptune. People don't realise how pure tones like those work psychoacoustically. Be cause they're so pure they tend to be that much louder (compared to, say, an acoustic instrument which has an extremenly complex sound full of harmonics etc which phase in and out as the string etc vibrates).
I think the percussion could have maybe been a little more interesting, maybe had a bit more bite (my favourite retro drum sound is the kit used in Sonic on the Megadrive, man I love that OST).
Composition: 8/10
Quite a few good ideas throughout which flow well together and there's a fair amount of variation/variety. It doesn't feel boring or repetitive. At the same time I don't think it's "amazing", it didn't have a killer moment for me, a high point or something. That would have got you the higher score.

Well you convinced me to like your piece despite it being chiptune so that's a good sign! 8/10 score, congrats!

This is an NGADM Round 1 Review.


You're probably like the VGM representative of the NGADM haha. Like your audition, this has a distinct VGM-like charm even if the instruments you used aren't strictly chiptune sounds. The composition in this is actually pretty great! Again, as is the case in your audition, this has an upfront, foreground melody that's undeniably catchy and can easily get hooked into the listener's head. Cool aspects of your composition would be your little detached synth hits in the background that can be heard most clearly at 0:49, 1:04's use of a blue note, and your rock solid structure. Seriously, the structure here is great. You transition back to the section used at the intro absolutely seamlessly, and even end your track using the same synth pattern you utilised at the very beginning to start the track. Great stuff, right there!

The muddle-up for me, which explains most of my score deductions, definitely has to be the production value. For starters, the drums are ridiculously subdued, and for no reason at all, in my opinion. The kick is lacking in mids and lows, and the snare is almost not even there. On top of that, many of the synths sound considerably thin, and when you couple that with the disappointing lack of bass that this track has, and the thin drums, you've got a mix that neglects large portions of the frequency spectrum. Apart from the problems with the mix, there are a few other smaller issues; the transitions with cutoff filter automation like 1:11 and 2:25 are a little overwhelmingly ear-piercing I feel. There's also a slight repetition issue and I wish you played the synth pattern at the end a little longer and faded it out more gradually, but that's mostly a stylistic complaint.

All in all, despite some issues, this is a fun track. Decent work.

SCORE: 7.9/10

Mawnz responds:

Step, u da real MVP T_T
Production is what I feel like where I'm lacking the most so your feedback there is much needed <3
I think I'm going in the right direction, but I don't know what I'm doing half of the time mixing so yea.

Thank you, you deserve a medal.

I really like the synth sounds in here, the synth bass you've got going is great. Also I enjoyed subtleties such as the bend at 1:43 or so on the lead synth. My only criticism is I wish there had been a bit more variation in the music beyond the break in the middle! Overall the piece is great though, good job and good luck :)

Mawnz responds:

Thanks for you thoughts! I tend to get stuck with the same patterns when I'm kinda forcing the completion of a song so I agree with you on that end :)

Good luck to you too! Thanks again, appreciated!

Cool song! Love the 8-bit sounds. Really catchy and super smooth melody at 0:24, it's got a touch from some pokemon song. It sounds also like a keygen song, haha. I do think the transition at 1:11 is a bit lame.
Overall nice work (:

Mawnz responds:

Thanks for your thoughts on the song! I agree with you on the transition, but it was kind of a panic solution to give the listener a break in the middle of the song :p Could rework it later on when I get the time :D
Thanks again and good luck to you!

interesting tune mate, good luck on the NGADM'14

Mawnz responds:

Thanks mate! Didn't quite go as I wanted, but it works :)
Good luck to you too!


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Aug 10, 2014
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