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Hey Guys !!
back with more fresh stuff, im still working on the song art so that will come up later, this is my entry for
" N G A D M'14 " Round 1, hope everyone likes it, i did my best on it, Reviews and oppinions are greatly appreciated !!

also, BIG THANKS to Quentin for letting me use one of he's art works as a song cover
check him out guys!! talented fella.

Stay Tuned.
- Pandasticality

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Epic! Wow, the bass sounds like someone scratching a record on the tables. Those big loud sweeping chords sound really cool, and that snare.... So energetic and wicked, this. :D One awesome dubstep. This is too short though, and it ended abruptly. I suggest you add more, or do a remix.

Pandasticality responds:

yeah, i probaply should, i learn as i go : ) i might work on this later, maby.
- Pandasticality

This is an NGADM Round 1 Review.


I undoubtedly consider you one of the most underrated artists this year. I mean, 39 fans (well, make that 40 with me included) and you make music like this? It's a disgrace! One thing that both your audition and this has is particularly warm and vibrant chords. 1:09's pad adds this wonderfully deep atmosphere with those thick chords which I think is this track's trademark. The chords themselves are good too, composition-wise! I was a little disappointed to hear that the chords you played at 1:09 were the same as the chords you played with the plucked bass synth at the beginning of the track, but hey, it's a good progression! Your sounds are all pretty sweet with the exception of a few which I'll mention later, and your production value/sound design is commendable! Good work.

Now, I first off pretty much agree with midimachine on everything he said, apart from the points about the structure which didn't bother me as much (but I would've definitely liked some more unique sections). So first off, the intro is very bland. It doesn't do the track much justice to have that generic bass synth play at the start, followed by a plain-sounding arp and an anticlimactic buildup/drop. I'm also not a huge fan of your snare. At 0:42 you use this really dry and bland snare and I guess the more clap-like snare in the climaxes is better but nothing like the ground shaker you had in your audition. And the ending... not impressed I'm afraid! It certainly came off sounding like a cop-out and made the track sound somewhat unfinished.

This is almost a carbon copy of midi's review, but yeah I definitely agree with all that he said. This is otherwise a very well-made electronic track with very thick and lush chords and good production. Nice one.

SCORE: 8.5/10

Pandasticality responds:

thank you for the creative criticism, when reading midimachines review i just expected him to say ´wow you suck´ or something like that since the review was a bit harsh, but since you guys have been doing this for far longer than i have most likely, i take the criticism and tips with open arms.
thank you!
- Pandasticality

ngadm round 1review m8

kinda boring intro! the prog house bass synth just kinda plods along with the trancey arps and the drop lacks anticipation and energy (calling it "liquid" or "chillstep" isn't an excuse tbh). really needed a few more things going on.

once it picks up the chords sound really lovely though, the pitchbends are a nice touch too but they start to get annoying towards the end. overall the sound design is actually pretty excellent, but there just needs to be more things happening during the downtime (might be difficult during the main sections cause that super lush saw pad takes up a lot of space in the mix, definitely doable though).

one of the big things that was lacking in a few of the big "EDM" entries was a decently DJ-able structure. now i don't expect 32 bar pre-intros or whatever, i think all the other judges would be taking marks off for doing this sort of thing properly haha. but seriously, this needs a second build, drop and roller. missing pretty sizable chunks of song here: no subdued section w/ full drums before 2nd build, buildup doesn't go right down again - i mean these are just tropes but 2:47 isn't even a radio edit man, especially not with that outro (such a cop-out!)

anyway i still enjoyed it for what it was. i just wanted a lot more!


Pandasticality responds:

well, cant please anyone i suppose n__n; i didn't expect to make it anywhere with the NGADM'14 since it was my first competition and i got put up against pros round 1.. thank you for your review, il keep your creative criticism in mind while creating my next song.
- Pandasticality

Man, the melody of this song sends me back to 2006 when Trance was the big thing on Newgrounds. But, until the pad synths come in, even with the melody being backed up with that mean bass, the production mostly sounds very simplistic; that said, the introduction of the pads really thickens this song into something truly rich.

My only gripe with this song is its length. You're really good at producing, and it shows in this song, but this song just feels too short for all of the different phases it goes through. That's just me personally, though; overall I thought it was a very strong Dubstep track. Good work!

Pandasticality responds:

thank you for the review (n__n)/
- Pandasticality

Hey, Pandasticality!

Your pseudonym is way too kawaii for the wubs that you bring to the party. ^__~
That being said, I like both, so just keep right on being you.

You know, I actually hear quite a bit of Dubstep in my travels, and I have moods where I'm totally into it and others when I'm just not. In all honesty, I wasn't really in a Dubstep kind of mood before dropping by, but this track totally flipped my switch. Color me impressed.

There isn't a whole lot of variety in the main melody and supporting harmonies, but the chords and arpeggios sound great together and you've done a great job keeping the beats fluid. Oh, and as for that drop... THAT DROP! It was quite literally spine-tingling. It takes a lot to impress me when it comes to Dubstep these days, so well done.

Pandasticality responds:

thank you for your kind words n__n;
- Pandasticality

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4.22 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2014
9:21 AM EDT
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