SSJ3 - EndCon: Remastered

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Original Song: "Endless Confrontation"
Original and Current Artist: Myself.
Length: 6:00, roughly


No need to explain much, just take the song and listen to it. This is a remaster of an old favorite, and one of my best songs of all time! Hope you enjoy this one, I had to go through hell just to recover it!

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This is an intriguing synthesis of what I presume to have been your major inspirations — I detect, I believe, drawing from the musical styles of Star Ocean, Tales, Pokémon (specifically generations IV and V), possibly Zelda, and perhaps a slight trace of Kingdom Hearts, but Star Ocean (especially Star Ocean 3) and Tales (especially Tales of the Abyss, and possibly also Tales of Graces) most strongly. It appears to have been, unfortunately, 'zero-bombed'; may whoever did that be pounded with the whole force of Draco Meteors from a thousand Hydreigons.

Now, onto the music itself: you start very strong with this one, but the composition, as a whole, suffers from a degree of monotony in the repetition of the same line of notes rather too frequently, most notably from about 1:05 to 1:24, at which time it grows rather boring. This could probably be excised to allow the song to progress more naturally and fluidly, possibly with slight compression to other sections. This beside, once the more repetive sections are through, the composition itself shines, and would not be out of place among the booss themes of some game or other. The often-repeated 'line' (I am not entirely sure what it should be properly called), might also do well with a bit more elaboration and variation, since it is used so frequently, to further lessen the monotony of certain parts.

The instrumentation generally works well, and the classical orchestral instruments and guitars mesh together quite well, for the most part. There is also some kind of vaguely Middle-Eastern sounding instrument (I have no idea of what it is), which I like very much. Overall, I think you have done quite well, and even those parts that repeat too frequently are fairly good, and are largely only devalued by the number of repetitions. I would be very interested to see what would come about were you to revisit this later.

Textwall delivered, this is Albert Clare, signing out.

This is epic dude! We should collab and make a super symphonic metal track! :D

SSJ3-Goku4567 responds:

Dude! It's been fucking ages since I've even heard from you! How the hell've ya been, man?

If we do collab, I hope you don't mind the sounds I use, because after all, I still use FL Studio and the Edirol Orchestral VST plugins and shit. But hey, if you don't mind that, I can try to work something out! Thank you for your input, man! I remember four years ago when you reviewed the original version. Nostalgia trips, man. Nostalgia trips.

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Aug 7, 2014
11:27 PM EDT
General Rock
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