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Here is my entry for the first round of NGADM 2014. I'm still extremely happy I even got in at all, I tried out last time and didn't get in, but I have definitely learned a lot since then. The song that I entered this year was Mordiggian, I would honestly call that the best song I've ever done. Instead of trying to top that and getting super stressed I decided to go with the flow with this song. I kept a pretty clear mind and did a lot of new things with it.

As of uploading I haven't honestly given it a listen with a clear head. When you write and record music after a while you sort of get sick of the song. So I have no clue, this song could suck, but I still had a lot of fun participating. Thanks to everyone that enjoys my music, I write my music the way I want but if there wasn't anyone around to hear it I probably would have stopped a long time ago. :D

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Wow. For an almost 3 year old song, this is a super amazing piece of work. And that's coming from someone who normally doesn't like rock. You did a fantastic job on this piece, sir. I love it <3 ~Skiddle

JDawg00100 responds:

Thank you!

this is ALSO an NGADM round 1 review


why does the song loop and fade out? would've preferred a 3 minute song with a repeat of that great opening theme and a proper ending. not a big fan of the snare (too dry, too shallow, not multisampled), but the guitar and synth lead are great. really good playing. middle section ("middle" assuming the song didn't just loop) is kinda bare though, keys could play a nice string/synth pad patch here. more bass guitar variation would be really nice. the transition out of the middle into that "pre chorus" is really nice, like someone else said very DT. so TL;DR great main theme with most instruments mixed quite well, would benefit from stronger composition throughout. however, the loop and fade out combo is a real disappointment - really not what i want to hear from the NGADM's competitors at this stage.


JDawg00100 responds:

Damn! I wish I got more reviews like these! Thanks for the detailed review :)

This is an NGADM Round 1 Review.


Wow! I remember you being one of my "definitely yes" auditioners when I was doing audition judging, and for a good reason! This is tremendously good. I love your production value for starters. It's SO clean and clear. Maybe the drums could've been mixed in a little better (cymbals were kind of tinny) but otherwise I'm a huge fan of your mixing and levelling. The composition is also pretty great! Nothing out of this world, but they're simple and likeable. 0:44 in particular is an earworm. On top of all that, you have masterful guitar playing, sweet harmonies and backing riffs, fitting percussion, and some nifty nods to electronic music, such as the brief, heavily filtered intro. You did a lot of things right in this track, as my high score shows.

But man, repetition! It isn't that bad of a problem, but I do think the amount of content doesn't merit five whole minutes of listening time. A lot of sections were simply copy-pasted more than once, ostensibly to give the illusion of a long track, but to me it simply came off as being repetitive. If you want five whole minutes of music, then I would suggest adding more distinct sections, and maybe even some dynamics such as clean guitar solos or whatever. Anything to break up the monotony would do 5 minutes justice easily. The ending, too, was highly disappointing. Fade-out endings rarely work, usually just sounding like a cop-out, and that is precisely what it sounds like over here. A more satisfying ending will really do this track wonders!

Anyway, complaints aside, I love this track. Keep up the awesome work.

SCORE: 9/10

JDawg00100 responds:

Thanks for the detailed review, I actually agree completely with it. I'm not a fan of the structure of this song, I also find the drawn out riff in the middle really annoying. I had a different song that I was hoping to finish before the judging started but I didn't have the time.

1:52 reminds me of Animals as Leaders! Just like with 'Heavy Test 2', the last submission you've uploaded. You've got some serious talent mate.
0:58 gets a little bit repetitive but it sounds really cool.
It's fantastic that kinda saw lead thing that follows the main guitar (0:22 and 2:27 i think)
I think the kickdrum's got too much kick if that makes sense, and cymbals could work better a little bit lower in the mix. All this goes down to personal taste though!
Overall excellent track!

JDawg00100 responds:

I love Animals as Leaders so that's a really nice compliment! :D

Thanks for the listen!

Huge production. Great tracks. Very cool lead guitars, colorful harmonies.

5/5 - Would windmill to this if I had long hair.

JDawg00100 responds:

Haha wow, thanks for the listen :D

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4.70 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2014
9:24 PM EDT
General Rock
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