Defeatist No More

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Been wanting to make something along the lines of Glitch Mob-- I think I managed decently enough. Let me know what you think!

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This is an NGADM Round 1 Review.


You know, in some ways this reminds me of your audition. It's very heavy and has a slow, lumbering pace and rhythm which helps you really digest the sonic enormity of the track you've presented. That's definitely a highly positive aspect of the track. The upfront and aggressive synths, huge drums, and bucketloads of reverb and delay (1:28's an example) give the atmosphere a very clear sense of largeness, which ups the memorability factor of this track tenfold. Complementing all that is a pretty solid structure, good transitions and a suitable intro/ending. So yeah, all in all, decent work with all of that stuff I mentioned.

Now, to be honest I'm finding some trouble looking for redeeming factors in this track. Midimachine said it all; this track has an extremely stressed mix. The amount of compression/limiting you threw in there made the track sound too bouncy and loud, and I was desperately wishing for some momentary relief from the crazy loudness halfway through the track. Some of the sounds you used are fairly agreeable, but most of them are simply unpleasant. You used a similar style of synths for your audition Megalith, but while over there the aggression from your synths worked with the whole idea of the track, here they blare so loudly that they end up sounding crass and harsh to the ears. Additionally, I agree with midimachine that none of your melodic content is particularly good (which is a shame because I enjoyed your melody in Megalith).

A bit of a disappointment I'm afraid! Still, thanks for taking part.

SCORE: 7/10

Reali-tGlitch responds:

Yup, I fucked up with the mastering on this one. I am letting it be a lesson ,really.

ngadm round 1 review m8

took a few listens before the crazy aggressive mastering was even listenable for me. it still doesn't sound intentional to me, like when new FL users don't realise there's a fruity limiter on the master bus and make really overcompressed shit. the obnoxious loudness of that first synth bass compared to the pad underneath it is just way too much. i would've preferred a tighter, less deep reverb with the overcompressed mixing style, and some smart sidechaining to stop those low supersaws from colliding with the bass drum so much. try to keep compressors before reverb and delay in the signal chain, and generally try to use the same room size for all your reverbs.

not a fan of the melodies, not very memorable and they often clash with the chords created by the bass notes and arps underneath them in a way that sounds thoughtless instead of intentional. like you picked a random minor scale and just played random notes from it for a while. generally this whole piece quite an unpleasant listen.


Reali-tGlitch responds:

Fair enough. Yeah, I don;t often hyper compress like I did with this.

Epic!! this is really good : 3 i dont stand a chance in the " N G A D M'14 "
we seem to be in the same group n__n; love your music, you're really talented.

- Pandasticality

Reali-tGlitch responds:

I thank you for your kind words!

I definitely don't expect to make it far, but I knew I had to only submit a new release-- if I could release a song I had already released elsewhere, I would have submitted something truly glorious. (I guess I can't surf the internet without gloating about my music-- I apologize)

But thanks again!

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Aug 7, 2014
2:21 PM EDT
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