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Into the War

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Tried to mix it up with a little orchestral performance straight into some heavy Dubstep. Tried to keep it short and to the point for the contest! Hope you guys enjoy! (I'm not really British)

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This is a NGADM Round 1 Review!
If you take away the intro and outro sections where you speak, this is actually a really short piece of music and nowhere near long enough for the competition. With that in mind I felt obliged to take away 0.5 from the total.
Mix: 7/10
It's relatively well mixed overall. The voice is the part that suffers the most, it's very obviously distorted and not very cleanly mixed. Also the piano is very mechanical sounding and not particularly well mixed either. The rest I have no complaints about, it's punchy, full sounding and you did a good job. I think the two other parts where simply not in your area of expertise. It's good to experiment, you shoudl continue to do so, it's how we learn and progress as musicians, composers and music producers.
Composition: 7/10
This song displays a good blend of styles and it's cool that you went back and forth but the dubstep is bland, already done and offered little in way of variation, I feel. In fact, I'd say it's quite hard to judge a piece of music in terms of composition when it's this short and it needs to be compared with other pieces that are 3:00 + long. A longer piece of music would have shown off your skills a lot more in terms of transitions, song development etc.

Overall not bad but I think I wanted more from this. :)
7/10 total.

It is great but Frucking dubstep why do you have to kill my sensible ears?! (I am fine this isn't that loud)...

This is an NGADM Round 1 Review.


If there's one thing that this track is, it's memorable. No other submission in this round has a vocal intro and outro like this, and none of them are a classical/dubstep hybrid like this is. Speaking of which, you did a good job in both sides of this track. The classical section has some surprisingly interesting melodic content (and an ending very typical of a classical-era piece), and the dubstep sections have an adequately aggressive bass and thumpy drums (the kick in particular is very well-mixed). You managed to mix the two genres together fairly seamlessly without making it sound forced, so good job with that! Something I'm particularly fond of is how you timed the hi-hat rhythm with the piano to incorporate the beat so smoothly. So I mean, the track IS promising and has quite a few redeeming factors...

...and then there's the fact that it's less than two minutes long. Hell, with the vocals taken away, this would barely reach a minute and a half. While I don't have anything against 2-minute tracks in particular, if you're going to make your track just two minutes long and give it only two distinctive (and intrinsically repetitive) sections, then you're going to have to expect your submission to fall short in terms of content. Other issues include the ultimately unsatisfying transition to the dubstep section, and the extremely artificial-sounding piano. I mean sure, I'm not expecting you to go all East/West on us, but I think it would've been worth EQing the piano to make it sound not so obnoxiously bright, and humanised it a little. Also, I concur with midimachine that the voice clipping is a real bummer. Clipping just screams unprofessional to me, and while your voice-acting was pretty good, you need to remove that clipping!

Even though it has promise, it's a little underdeveloped and scattered with issues here and there. Thanks for taking part!


SCORE: 6.8/10

MrStr8face responds:

Thank you very much for the review and for taking the time to listen and give feed back! And as you and midimachine pointed out the faults, I completely agree with everything and know exactly what I need to work on for my tracks. Expect to see me in NGADM next year! Again, thank you so much and hope to see you again in next year's competition! :D

hi, you're not in my review groups but i wrote this before i decided that i cbf writing everyone a review

intro/outro is kinda dumb and awkward but it's not necessarily a bad idea. it just needed a more posh speaker rather than a noel fielding impression, and a better recording with a decent microphone (clips pretty bad at the end). that really bright electro piano is too muddy to sound nice and not cheesy enough to be properly cheesy, but i guess that's FL keys for ya. having said that, the

composition is nice and typically "classical" sounding - i hope it's original and not ripped from mozart or something, but you get the benefit of the doubt because i'm way too lazy to check haha. drop is ok, needs a little more anticipation though, like a reversed kick into the first beat or something (maybe a speaker sim/bp filter combo on the piano in that last bar would sound nice?). pretty standard FM wubs, would've been nice to hear more unique synth work - the string/piano stabs are a really nice touch though. second section is much more interesting, i LOVE what you did with those cymbals and the space they create for the beat to really smack down (that's the anticipation i mentioned earlier). the syncopation is a nice change but sometimes the downbeat gets totally lost. so if your intent is to change time signatures then emphasize your accented beats more clearly, and if you wanted it to sound like 4/4 throughout then make sure that some other instrument is still driving that rhythm loud and clear.

would've liked a more typical structure. wow, that's gotta be the first time someone has said that in an NGADM review. for real though, another breakdown-buildup-drop into a new variation wouldn't hurt. as it stands the track doesn't really feel completed - like it's been rushed out of the door by the guy at the end :v


MrStr8face responds:

Thank you so much for your review! And thank you for the constructive criticism. I know what I need to work on now and I will come back stronger and better next year! Thank you for listening! :D

The intro/outro probably make this one of the more memorable pieces of the round. I just wish this piece was longer! :D

I loved the piano melodies in the beginning of the song. They were extremely creative and sounded very nice. However, even though this was a dubstep song, I still think the piano velocities could have been adjusted a bit more to produce a more effective level of expressivity.

I love the sound of your instruments - they were really well-designed. If they were all custom, then you did a very good job in creating them. I thought the mix was a bit thin, but the effect overall was well done.

Great track and good luck!

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3.79 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2014
11:49 AM EDT
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