[04] Some Chocolate Dust

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Created 2 August 2014

RoVeR - Some Chocolate Dust

12th track of ENSC, another Easy Listening House song; I'm so close to finishing the album guys XD.

Okay guys, I admit. I have a chocolate powder addiction. I take like a scoop of cocoa powder (the kind you mix in milk ^.^) and then pour it down my mouth every minute or two. It's a lot of sugar but it's so good o.o This song has nothing to do with chocolate powder but I like the ambiance and the trend of the ENSC titles are getting longer,so yeah...

This is a pretty ambient song. I tried avoiding putting too much Instruments and noise to keep the cleanliness, but because of that, it came out repetitive. So to compensate, I have a little beep noise play as a melody and try to have my drums sound really interesting, so it kinda takes longer for the listener to pay attention to the drums than the actual melody, but I even had problems with the drums getting too repetitive. By having some of the hats to stop would lose the song's "fullness" and putting more drums to it would make the song to messy.. I really, REALLY loved the clean atmosphere so I just gave it up, so deal with it XD

Other than that thanks for listening. I respond to almost every review so leave one if you have something to say. Thanks guys.

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[Very Important Note] I heard that the range between 2000Hz to 4000Hz are amplified to us humans so we can hear human voices or baby cries, which is why the sound of scratching chalkboard or sliding Styrofoam is so painful. Due to the nature of this song, there's going to be issues here. While I was creating this song there were issues mastering the bypassed piano, Reverb Pads and the sine pulses because different headphones and speakers amplify, weaken or don't do anything to those ranges. When I playback using different sound mediums like my Bose speakers or headphones, that range sounds really loud and annoying but other mediums sounds like it isn't even audible. I decided that I will master this song based on a pair of FLAT EQ headphones and I believed I did it well. So be careful you guys who uses "EQed" settings on their computer or headphones. Don't hurt yourself.

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It's very spacey and cool...haunting in a way. I think that hat that comes in at :30 is a little too loud, but it's also very clear and crisp. It progresses slowly (as a lot of your tracks do), but it's very relaxing and moody. I love those synth arps, and the instruments are good. Nice job with the mixing...that's something I have to work on myself. I don't hear anything too high-pitched or harsh in there, although the bass was a little loud IMO. I love the piano that comes in later in the piece, and this is a very flow-y and well-structured piece. I challenge you to come up with more creative endings for your songs besides fade-outs. That's one of the things that really bothers me about this piece. Otherwise, though, I like it a lot. Keep up the good work, sir! ;)

Nice song! Very deep! Love the Pads and the Arps, reminds me of what Matt Lange would make (A deep house producer). Keep it up!

RoVeRDude58 responds:

Haha thanks mate cx, I've never heard of Matt Lange before, I'll go check him out soon :o

This type is chill style, i like it.

RoVeRDude58 responds:

Thanks dude :o

You have some really good chill songs :o btw those subs are great c:

RoVeRDude58 responds:

Haha thanks, I'm actually quite new to the "chill" stuff :p

I'm very impressed with this piece; the instruments aren't overwhelming others and while there is a bit of repetition, even with the beep which only made it better, I rather enjoy me some repetition especially in my daily life. Well done man, I'd like to hear some new themes from you sometime as well, maybe even remix some.

RoVeRDude58 responds:

Thanks, I really try to avoid repetition, but things won't go my way T.T Oh well, thanks for reviewing man.

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