Rainbow Stream

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*4000 views and 500 downloads :D!!!

*Wohoo! Thanks for the frontpage :D.

*Removed the "Jump" vocals from the final drop*

Hi Guyz! Sup? Ectisity here (Previously known as enochcity)
Here is the dance track I promised you guyz ;). I Experimented with a lot of stuff I've been learning these past weeks so I hope it turned out good :D. Please give me feedback on this. Would really help me if you good point out my rights and faults ;). This track is in a sorta wip stage, as I'm not completely satisfied with it yet, so I'll consider all feedback and corrections :).

Oh and btw, what do you guyz think of my new name :D. I'll probably send all my fans a message about the name change tomorrow or something so that you guyz won't get too confused XD. My new username is a mix of my name (enoch) and the world electricity. Used a c instead of an s because I can't spell for shit so I figured I might as well keep it as it is XD.

Anyways, hope you like my new name and the track :D.
Please rate and review :).

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I wouldn't say this will become the new Chaoz fantasy :/ The melody isn't as memorable.

This song is fantastic though. I'm glad we got to share the frontpage together (a long time ago lol) ^^

Ectisity responds:

Would never even dare to compare myself to Envy or Chaos Fantasy XD. That guy is a living legend, and is among my favourite producers.
Really glad you liked the song, and yea I remember that we shared the front page for a good while :).

i think this will become the new Chaoz Fantasy in the future

Ectisity responds:

Lol, that song is a bit to awesome for me to compare to XD. Really glad you like it that much though :).

Fantastic work on this song. The beat is catchy and energizing,and the build up from the beginning was great. You make awesome music my friend.

Ectisity responds:

Thank you very much for the feedback and nice review :). Really glad you liked it :D. I'll make sure to make more, and better music in the future, so if you wanna hear more you can follow me if you want ;).

takes me to rainbow land and that song plays

Ectisity responds:

Thanks :D Glad you liked it ;). I'll be sure to make more like it, so why not follow me if you want to hear more ;)? You don't have to if you don't want to though XD.

I like the instruments and mood. It's pretty fun and upbeat and blissful. I like the climactic nature of it into 1:17. That melody is a little high-pitched and harsh, though. I think it's well-structured and smooth-flowing, and the vocal samples add to the piece significantly. It was pretty repetitive at times, but overall the melodic and harmonic content is rather good. I think you overused the transition at 3:24. Couldn't have hurt to shake that up for some variety later in the piece. Variety on the main melody would have also been welcome. It's a fun piece, but a little simple to be honest. I think it has potential, but I was looking for that "wow" factor throughout and I never really found it. It's not bad, though, but I think you can do a lot to improve it. Keep at it, Ectisity! ;)


Ectisity responds:

Thx for the review thedoor :). You points are absolutely valid.
The high pitched melody during the drop was something I did on purpose to give the listener kind of a Rollercoaster experience. Instead of just playing the song in a single octave the entire song, I think it adds to the interest to change it up at times. It's also there because it gives the song more energy, which this song is focused on. Ofc, I understand that not everybody likes it.

It's true that the piece is a bit repetetive at times, but it's dance afterall XD. I tend to add more variation in my tracks, but I liked the melodies so much this time around that I couldn't bring myself to switch them up just to do it. Know what I mean?

And about the song being "simple", that might be through, but I don't think a songs value should be rated on how complex it is. Especially Dance music. I do totally agree that this track lacks a "wow" factor though. That's one thing that bothered, and still bothers, me quite a bit about it. In normal Dance, either the bass, kick or the melody is the "wow" factor, but I don't like to go for a standard bassheavy track :/. Thus I tried to mix it up a bit with 8-bit sounds, which I think worked pretty well, but the track is still missing something. It's like there is no "Holy Molly" thing going on during the drop, It sounds a bit empty to me. Hopefully I'll be able to fix this in my future tracks.

Again, thx for the review. Can't say that I agreed on ALL of your points, but they were logical and made sense. Is really just a matter of preference in my opinion :).

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