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“First thought, best thought,” Allen Ginsberg

A piece conceived through an improvised piano part that you’re listening to now.

The following artwork has inspired my thoughts on this exactly:


Alone on a journey--the mystery, doubt, and fear that one will encounter, but most importantly a hope.

We are all somewhere in the middle of this.

Question is what do you place your hopes in?

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Holyshit I totally forgot about this piece. It was inspired by one of my ancient artwork. :O Haha I strolled through your older works recently and found this one (or rediscovered it, shame on me). :( It was a strange work cos I made it was a bday present for somebody I admired, and they kinda forget out it.

This track is so beautiful. ^____^ Thank you for it.

Phonometrologist responds:

You know, I forget about this piece as well, but this does bring back some fond memories. It's now been 3 years since I was of the mind to compose this. Sound waves really do get influenced by the brain waves that hear them, and so this piece reflects an individual that has grown in three years since it was conceived. It almost seems foreign to me now while I listen to this in the third-person. And I do remember how interesting it was to being moved by your artwork before knowing that you created it. I was already moved by your music, but I had no idea of the connection between these accounts. That goes to show that art really does have a meaning beyond what one can explain and the muse behind the art, regardless of the medium, can be expressed through an individual's soul.

What an immensely beautiful track. Each piano note played, each guitar string pulled - they brought peace to my heart and tears to my eyes. I was honestly sad when it ended.

I hope you have more of these!

Good job!

Phonometrologist responds:

Wo I missed this review... Glad people are still finding this at the least as it's still one of my favs to return to. Thank you for the kind words. I do have a few "sad" pieces around, but my personal favs are still locked away for personal use. One day perhaps....

Whoah, I had somhow missed this earlier o.O
I need not say any other words than "immensly beautiful".
Gotta love broove too.

Phonometrologist responds:

Hey Shadow, I'm glad you enjoyed--it has been a very therapeutic piece for me in the past.

Uhhhhhhhhhhhh... mazing.

Phonometrologist responds:


Yeah I am sensing some strong underdog NGADM potential here. :D Gorgeous track!

You know what this song needs though, is a slightly cleaner mix (the reverb is a bit too heavy, strings are too loud and muffle the piano) and a little more bass presence perhaps, like maybe some drums when that awesome solo comes in.

Solo is so gorgeous though!

One of the best tracks I've heard on here in a while. If we both make it in the NGADM I'll be with LunyAlex huddling in another bracket, as far away from you as possible. ;-)

Phonometrologist responds:

HA johnfn, if I do make it in, my goal is really just to make it past the group stage, so I'd be pretty much content with that.
I like the tips here. I really don't like using reverb, but I felt I had to implement it to at least get a more cohesive feel with the different instruments. Just used a 1.7s delay reverb with a wet gain of -19db.
The strings were done before I intended to add a guitar part so I was really going for some Samuel Barber Adagio sound with the high/climatic strings. It was close to it, but the guitar gave it a whole other feel. I actually lowered the volume of the piano in the middle of it as well. It really doesn't do too much different from the beginning, and I felt the attention needed to be adverted away from it to avoid an even bigger sense of repetitiveness. So, it was just a choice in how I mixed it, but your suggestions are well taken. If given the chance, I'll consider these for the next submission, especially the drums.
Thanks for the time in leaving a review as time is precious these days.

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Jul 30, 2014
2:42 AM EDT
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