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Dreams of Darkness

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Author Comments


I don't have much time, as I'm currently serving in the army (not that I want to). Thus, it's time to begin uploading some older pieces of mine.
This means the quality of most songs will be lower than they've been lately, as I didn't have access to any DAW at the time. All of my old stuff has been recorded on either my electronic piano, or my synth. The compositional quality is mostly okay though. I have enough old pieces for probably every week I'm away, but you don't have to listen to all of them XD
Seriously, some of you leave reviews for every track I upload, which is much appreciated. You don't have to force yourself to write reviews for all of my old stuff, just so you know!

This piece was origially intended to be a sort of main theme for a book I'm writing (although I haven't had time to write in a long while D:). I don't really consider it a finished song, although most of the composition is finished. If I recall correctly, the arrangement is partly improvised for the piano, and almost entirely for the strings/choir. That is, all the chords and melodies were finished on beforehand, but I didn't play the piece in exactly the same way every time. Now, I don't even remember how to play the song anymore at all, as this was recorded loooooong ago XD
That could easily be fixed though, as I have the MIDI file somewhere... I hope...
Sadly, the piano and choir/strings aren't always as synced as they should be. Still, I'm somewhat fond of this track.

I know it's not a five starer, but what do you think of it :p?


Sorry I didn't review this earlier, LSD. Been busy, plus my computer has been having trouble loading media recently. :( Anyway, I love the dark mood that gradually brightens throughout the piece. I always hugely respect your improv skills. I think it's a great composition with an excellent sense of flow, if a bit long-winded. I loved the pads that started becoming apparent at around :45. Overall, though, it's beautiful. Sort of sounds like climbing the basement stairs of a church into a beautiful house of worship. Thus, the title fits well. I think the ending could've been a little more conclusive, though. If you weren't going for a big show-y finish (which I got the sense was the case), I'd have at least tried to really drag out a quiet one. ;) Seriously great job, though. If this is "low-quality" by your standards, I'm really excited for when you start making "higher-quality" stuff again. ;D I'll respond to your PMs soon. I'm sorry. I've been busy with work and stuff, and on August 1st the Common Application page for colleges is released. DX I also have to finish all my driving lessons by August 5th if I want to get my license before school starts again. Ugh, so much stuff...but, yeah, hope the army position is going well!

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Don't worry, there's no hurry :3
My phone has been a **** lately, although it's new XD I should get it checked, as it clearly has some kind of issue :p

Well, to be fair, only part of the arrangement was improvised, while the melody and chords where already decided upon on beforehand :)
This piece is supposed to be a bit long and possibly even samey, sorry for that :)
I feel that soundtrack music (for a book though) has far less borders than other pieces, and can be allowed to be a bit more free, as long as they follow the story.
To me, the composition paints a slightly more dark image in mind, while still being a bit dreamy. I understand your interpretation though!

I'm happy with the ending myself. For the intents of fitting the story, I wanted the end to resemble the beginning a lot, which I think it does :)
This is a bit low-quality if you listen to the intruments and find all the mistakes, but compositionwise, I think this is a pretty good song XD
I am still working on a few "higher-quality" compositions, but I have little to none time to finish them up :(
Eventually though... Eventually...

I can totally understand that you've been busy! Don't work yourself too hard :')
The army thingy is going okay, although it's pretty tough :/
Hear from ya soon!

You sure that it isn't a five-star-er? Sounds like one to me!

It's another extremely well made composition, evoking all sorts of emotions and going through so many beautiful melodies.

I think the biggest improvement that could be made to this song, like with a few of your other songs, is editing the MIDI file so that the more powerful notes were made louder or played with more gusto.

Sorry I don't have time to write actual reviews, but like you, time is short for me these days. Have "fun" in the army and don't get yourself hurt!

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

You think so? Thanks! :D
I figured that since the piece isn't properly quantized (or otherwise edited for that matter, which is a shame as the dynamics could be better) and the sounds are only that of my electronic piano, the Newgrounds community that is used to high quality sounds would rate this lower :p
Maybe I was wrong :3

This is a composition that I remember putting a lot of thought in, as it was intended to be a pretty important piece. I really like the theme of this one, as I rarely make this kind of music, believe it or not.

Don't worry about not having time to write an actual review; I can certainly understand that we don't all have as much free time as we would like to have... Hope you're having fun in America :D

A pretty awesome composition! Sorry to hear you getting caught up in life. It's turning out to be a pretty tough summer for me too, man. You, however, still seem to have the time to throw out some good tunes all while servicing your country, so I guess I can't complain all that much lol.

The atmosphere is still felt with the choir and strings backing the piano, but the mix definitely lets you know that it can't achieve the level of depth you get from a recording of the actual instruments. It feels like a very ambitious track that is confined to the subpar capabilities of the keyboard. Imagine the game Gran Turismo on the Atari 2600.

That said, I really like the latter half of the track where the piano is hovering closer to the higher registers and giving the strings the chance to shine more. Made me think of the movie A,I, Don't take offense to that! It just reminded me of the soundtrack, which I actually liked, just so you know. It could sound nothing like the soundtrack and I just happened to remember that movie while I was listening to this. I don't know...

My point is, hold on to this and keep it for when you have access to all your fancy soundfonts. I think this is something that would be worth sitting down in your studio for.

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Yeah, it sucks pretty much to have to spend most of my time in southern finland in a war training camp -_-
You're having a though summer too? It's pretty odd, but almost everyone I've talked to seems to have a lot to do this specific summer o.O Weird...

I have like 30 old pieces or so that are recorded but have not been uploaded to Newgrounds :p
I don't think I'll upload all of them, but at least many.
If this piece was ever orchestrated it would indeed sound much better, with real instruments and everything! At the time though, recording things on my piano and transferring them to audacity with an RCA (AUX) cable was the only way I could record music XD

I usually try to vary the registers between both low middle and high in my songs, so they don't get too monotone. I actually don't remember whether I've seen A.I. or not. If I have seen it, it was long ago :p Maybe I should take a listen to the soundtrack :)

I do intend to do something with this composition in the far away future. I like the composition enough for that :D
Thanks a lot for the review, Joshua!

If you had written that this was your masterpiece, I would have believed you. For only MIDI Piano and synth, you gave it much emotion and expressed it greatly. Do not sell yourself short of your talent.

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Hey, thanks!
This piece is entirely played on a Yamaha Clavinova CLP - 230, in two takes. The first take I played the piano, and the second recording is a double track of strings and choirs. I actually do like this piece, but what I meant is that the audio quality is not as good as it could be had I put more effort into the recording, or used a DAW :D
(Also, there are several mistakes in the playing itself XD)
Either way, thanks a lot, BrainLight!

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3.83 / 5.00

Jul 19, 2014
5:38 PM EDT
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