Grozvault Three

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Complete your Grozlam collection with the latest Grozvault Grompendium of Grunfinished Grongs.

For the uninitiated stupids who have not been religiously following this page for years, Grozvaults are collections of unfinished songs that I ran out of steam on, or just straight-up thought sucked (but not enough to delete it completely). So basically it's just a massive rejects pile that no Grozfan should be without.

I roughly, ROUGHLY organized the songs in order of least to most suckitude. Roughly. However if you don't like the songs at the beginning, the songs at the end will probably cause you to puke yourself to death.

Here is a handy guide to the songs in this collection:

00:00- Crumbo Bass: This one's long enough that it might as well be an actual song. It' s just really thin and I really half-assed the melody instrument.

01:15- Ancient Crypt: This song makes my brain feel like the color beige, but with more gray in it. I think it's that nasty sounding cymbal. I really didn't know where else to go with this one.

01:29- The Shaman Is Mixing Up A Barf Potion: This song makes me think of Earthbound. The part with the Tendas specifically. I like this song, but again just didn't know how to continue it, so I decided to stop dead.

02:36- Sinistar Antivirus: If you have listened to my songs a lot, you may notice that I only have about 5 melodic motifs that I cycle through. This song uses all of them in less than a minute.

03:16- Mega Mans: So named because the beginning drums sound like Mega Man toms. I swear to god this song was longer, but the "last modified" date puts it at over two years old, so if I did, it's lost to the winds.

03:36- Escalator Music: It's alright, but the instrumentation is really flat. Flat like a pancake, not flat like music-word flat.

04:05- Sad Baseballer: This song was originally much slower, to the point that it was really fucking boring. Now it's only kind of slow. I actually think this song still has some potential, but you can see where I just kind of stopped at the end.

04:51- Clavi n' Sine: This song is clipping like fuck and is way too loud, but I'm not going to go back and remix and export it right now so you're just going to have to listen to this one without your ear-dagger iPod earbuds. I think this one has a nice melody.

05:12- Prop Comedy: Another song originally written for the illustrious and fabled Dog Adventure (est. release date Q3 2018). I replaced it with another song that isn't done yet. It's very stylistically similar to this one, but better.

06:00- King Koopa's Koopa Kids Get Koopa'd Up In Koopa Castle All Koopa Day: I dunno, this song is boring and harsh, like being slowly lowered onto a bed of nails, but in such a way that your weight doesn't distribute evenly and you still get hurt.

06:10- Samba De Robotic Vampire: This song is vomit.

06:28- Eating Shit: I think I had another song in another Grozvault with this name, but I don't remember. That's what the .flp file was called, though, so that's what I'm calling it here.

06:50- Professor Demento's Tasty Mentos: If Eating Shit was to have a sequel, this song would be that sequel.

07:14- Mystery Cave: I am not entirely convinced that I didn't literally pick the instruments at random for this one. That's definitely what it sounds like.

07:31- Dead Bass: If you take your bass guitar out back and shoot it, this is the last thing it'll shit out while it's flopping around until it dies.

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