Lai's Theme

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Right, if any of you checked out my song Windows then you'd know that I had a bit of trouble making it since I find it hard making songs with minimal instruments. That track had at least four or five instruments and this has only one, so you can imagine how hard I found it to make this!

Anyway, that being said, I've been commissioned to make a bunch of music for an upcoming visual novel. This is the first one I've made. It's a piano-only, emotional track whose melody will play a vital role in the whole soundtrack of the visual novel.

I used East/West Pianos for (you guessed it) the piano sample. This actually only took around 4 hours to write into a DAW, but many more hours were spent actually thinking of the melody on my piano. I actually put a lot of thought into the melody and accompaniment, more so than in my other works, and I'm fairly happy with how it turned out.

Hope you feel the same! Thanks for listening; any comments would be very much appreciated.

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I enjoyed this music....I can hear how difficult it is to compose it just right. I used it in a video on a hike I did and wanted to thank you. The video is here:


Step responds:

Thank YOU for using the music! I'm genuinely glad you enjoyed this and positively surprised at how well it fits with the video.

Thanks again :).

I'm usually not a fan of soft and melodic music, but this is just awesome! I can feel all the emotion you put into this. Great work :) you earned a fan.

Step responds:

Thank you! I don't usually make this stuff, not because I'm not a fan but simply because I think my skills making soft and minimal music are very poor haha. I don't think this came out too badly though.

I appreciate you leaving a review :).

Wow, nicely played! So emotional, beautiful, flawless... You know, the more hard work and suffering we artists (and not just music artists either) go though, the better the final product is! Every frustration and struggle is worth it in the end.

I thought "movie score material, right there" at some point while listening to this piece. :D Keep it up, Step!

Step responds:

Totally agreed. Making music can be an uphill battle but it's always worth it in the end.

Super glad you liked this, thanks for ANOTHER review!

I definitely like it and I am a fan but just can't get rid of that LotR impression the way you end the main theme. I know how when you need to restrict yourself for some reason it can be hard. But you did more than good, actually. I'm gonna be listening to Lai's Theme this whole autumn I think. And maybe winter as well.

Step responds:

Aw man, you're not the first to mention the Lord of the Rings thing. I don't know how I ended up "stealing" that little melodic phrase from the score. I watched Lord of the Rings AGES ago, when I was much younger and before I ever had any semblance of what a music note is, so I must have somehow stored that random motif from the soundtrack in my subconscious and it popped up again at 0:24, many years later.

That being said, that melodic phrase is only a few seconds long, and I thought it fit with my melody too much to remove it, even after being notified by a friend that it sounds like Lord of the Rings, so I don't think it's worth changing it.

Either way, thanks a lot for dropping by after so long! I'm really glad you like it and I hope you're doing well.

this song is amazing, I love this track, Awesome melody simply awesome, the piano is great this is perfect AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step responds:

Haha thanks for the overload of compliments :p. Glad you enjoyed it.

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