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They Talked of Justice

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Author Comments

Where is the law
for those who've been paused
clogged in the drain
like lumpy lincoln logs?

Like the stocks
they drop your bag
unlike the rocks
they failed to drop
all they did was
talk and talk

Reasons in the stalk
like a corn stalk hot
the farmer is dead
according to the plot

Rot like the most
riling kind of rottweiler
While laws depend on
which law bought life better

Guess it all depends
which knife cuts redder
in a state of red or blue
don't matter the kind of cheddar

You bled the blood wetter
Street aligned maligned settler
The votes are in
and justice is not a center trendsetter

It's bettin' better sellers
don't ramble on who's deader
about the marines overseas
or these middle east vendettas

Sure we want solutions
and we want peace
we want justice
for people
that just...
wanna be free


What about Benghazi
what about the families
sitting on their porch dead
while the fed prints more money?

Nothing's very funny
about the Sunni or Shiites
warring secretly
all thanks due to green honey

You can thank David Rockefeller
for your god so above me
Though I would rather give it
a double take,
just to make the day sunny

Take the gun rise arms
like we getting bloody
No harm bullet shards
rip through your new ferrari

Learned through rituals of blood
not the Serrati
that banks take the bang
when economics are jalopies

The stock market's the monopoly
we rockin Buddy Holly
dancing with Mary Jane
we drink it all away
getting too jolly

That's why I say call me dogma
I'm the dolly
photography in every effort
to the rest of the saudis

They didn't pawn me
never caught me
I stand for Mary Jane
and the regular
Samples used from KRS One, Vinnie Paz, Immortal Technique


Very nice! Talks about real issues (one of the reasons I love nerdcore. It was a little hard for me to understand the lyrics without reading them though. Could be the mixing of vocals largely on the left channel, or it could be my ears. Nice though. Downloading, favoriting, and sharing.


It's just...not good. The words rhyme, sure, but they don't make sense.

I feel like you focused more on the words rhyming rather than them making sense.
Some words don't fit in any context. You can't call yourself a Dogma. That doesn't make any sense. A dogma is an ideology. I feel like you just looked up words that rhymed and tried to fit them in places that don't..fit.

Sorry, just wasn't up to snuff.

Voltage responds:

normally I let people make their reviews and make my judgment calls without much personal response but the fact you rated 1 star without any critique on the samples and audio quality baffles me, I think it's rude as a fan of music to have such a view on the 'lyrics' rather than the product overall.

first, if I were to focus on the words rhyming, many of the bars would simply rhyme entirely based on the phonetics of each line which is easy to do when you are focusing solemnly on rhyming.

second, "it doesn't make sense." what doesn't make sense? the verses? the rhymes? the themes, the allegories? the first verse upon review from your response does seem to be a little over the place, but to criticize the second verse with it making no sense has to mean you just didn't listen to the full song or know specifically the issues mentioned.

take this for instance - I will break it down for you.

"What about Benghazi
what about the families
sitting on their porch dead
while the fed prints more money?"
- This alludes to the issues regarding the Benghazi situation and how families are lying dead on their own porch while the fed is printing more money, which revolves into this next line:
"Nothing's very funny
about the Sunni or Shiites
warring secretly
all thanks due to green honey"
- Green honey can be seen as hemp or hashish, which is a reference to part of the drug trade overseas. In this context, it is talking about liquidity in money and how it is affecting the largely unknown, secret war between the Shia and the Sunni muslims in the middle east.
"You can thank David Rockefeller
for your god so above me
Though I would rather give it
a double take,
just to make the day sunny"
- Once again in reference to the idea of the feds printing money and the concept of economic backstabbing, from the artist I am telling you to thank your "God" (as the form of money, a la David Rockefeller) who seems to be so above my opinion; so I will recite the words with more surprise just so I can make the day sunny (to make YOU, the listener, happy).

so I'm sure I'm going off on a tangent, but much of this sits in poetic metaphor which is exactly what a lot of hip hop actually does in its greatest form.

and you are very incorrect, a "dogma" is not an ideology. "Dogma is a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true." That's why I say "call me dogma" (my musician alias), or, that's why I say "call me the set of principles by the authority, principles that are undoubtedly true." unfortunately, there was no way I was "looking up words" when I wrote and performed this either. my phone was dead and the only thing I had to work with was listening to a radio talk show.

This is a cool Song
i like this audio
I enjoyed it too
keep it up

What is Nerdcore?

Voltage responds:

I once wondered "nerdcore" as well. nerdcore is sort of a slang in the underground hip hop culture to define a style of music - usually, underground 'nerdier' bunch exclaim a particular subject or revolve the specific sound around a type of genre - usually sci-fi, politics, or anything of a more "thoughtful" approach. You can read up about it on Wikipedia, though I submitted this as "nerdcore" due to the nature of the song not quite fitting into R&B, old school, or modern.

Also, "uncleared samples" are a staple in Nerdcore. Kind of like the entirety of NG. Totally nerdcore. Haha

there's no other way to describe this song other than wow.

Voltage responds:

thank you kindly, monsieur stabatron!

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Credits & Info

Lead Vocals

2.70 / 5.00

Jun 24, 2014
12:39 AM EDT
File Info
6.2 MB
3 min 24 sec

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