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Aug 8, 2006 | 8:56 AM EDT
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Rated 2.31 / 5 stars
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5/4 time trip hop IDM, sadly i had to lower the bitrate ALOT to get it to fit :(



Rated 5 / 5 stars

))><(( poop back and forth

..why does this only track only have 10 downloads?? just shows how jinxed these NG users are on tetris remixes.... great complete thought you have produced here, how did you get it out of your head?.. the others reviews said it best i guess. . . aphex twin peaked out of this one a couple of times here and there.. makin a cd of your songs.. will be blasting out of my amped up corolla by tommorrow.. ..all of warren county new jersey will here the wrath splagawaga.. past the weis with the windows down, uncomfortable moment for those on a cigarette break!.. ..just park in a handicap spot and turn the sub all the way up..

Splagawaga responds:

sweeet :D
glad its gonna be blasting out loudly on the shores of america. this track is best really loud. i really appreciate this review m8. As you stumbled on this track of your own accord. im gonna upload some more for your CD now :P

p.s. aphex pwns


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Damn fine IDM here! Getting a definite BOC - even a slight Radiohead feel - from those snaky arps that ooze out at all the right places. Lots and lots of tasty variation in your percussion which is great and I'm impressed with a lot of the snare hits really working together with impulses in the track.
Glides along really well overall, a nice array of pads and eerie textures keeping things interesting. Nice, you've just dropped back the original synth, love a good bit of portamento.
Nice, stuttered drums here, yeah, KB was right, I want this to blow up in a big way! It was sounding like it was warming up to more modern version of Aphex Twins Bucephalus Bouncing Ball. But there were some absolutely wickedly programmed glitches and cool esoteric synth programming following, (love the suction sounds) which gave the track a really effective 'icing on the cake' feel.
Congratz, superb track!

P.S Thanks for your NUMEROUS reviews, if you didn't invent a program to tap into your id and automatically write reviews for you while you sleep, then I thank you humbly for your time and well constructed judgement! I guess I owe you about 30 reviews now or something! Well, it'll be a pleasure I predict.

Splagawaga responds:

thx for the extensive review to this one. this is definately one of my proudest recent tracks. nice to see some1 noticed the radiohead influence, wasnt really intended but i spent alot of my time growing up with radiohead.

from what u and KB said about the track doubling up im really regreting not attempting it. the more i think about it the more it seems to stop 'halfway'.

ofc, love the portamento, gives everything a bit more life :)

P.S. hehe i wish i had a program that would listen to peoples tunes, form my opinion then write a review, im not quite there yet. im gonna work my way through the rest of your tracks today. theyre alot longer than most of the loops on NG so the listening and review requires more thought. rescpect for the composition.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Really good sound to this, starts like BOC, then the drums drop and you reaslise it's going somewhere else. Nice fx and good use of the timing to keep a sense of guessing throughout. Nice simple intertwining melodies and fx that grow well throughout. Great production on this one, would have liked to have heard a real mental breakdown/bridge section, stepping up into double time perhaps, and a little more drum messing. As it is, it builds and evolves nicely and keeps the interest up. Lowering the bitrate has not affected the quality of the tune, and if this is a low bitrate then your .wav files must sound fucking sweet!:)
Good shit man, and thanks for reviewing my tunes too, appreciate it.

Splagawaga responds:

thanks for the review kb, interesting that u mention a bridge / breakdown and the double time. initially the endsection where slightly more tweaks came through lead into more of the tune and distorted bassline but i was pushed for time so i lopped it off and went out. then ofc my computer broke and i lost the save file.

as for the double time. i dont know why i but i didnt even think of that! it would have been really nice to get it charging into some of your own style speedglitch. then again perhaps i did think of it and the 5/4 scared me off.

thanks again


Rated 5 / 5 stars

5/4 ... nice

Odd time signatures are always so awesome.

You did a completely sick job here -

As for impressions I would say that listening to this is rathar like a spooky little dose of tainted acid after a hard night of drinking. Everything feels alien - it's hard to walk, everything is out of focus - you can't maintain balance and your brain can't focus on anything for more than a 10th of a second at a time... And that's all before the seizures kick in.

The percussive change-ups were a nice touch and kept the piece fresh the whole time. The couple of times where you pushed the synth a bit gave it a nice feel along the lines of "almost went over the edge into acid-land there and struggling to keep it together"

The glitch work was fantastic and you're a definite new favorite!

I didn't hear much of a problem with the audio compression - I'm sure that if I compared this side by side to a super high quality version then I'd pick it all out but still, it sounded great on my end.

Admiration and respect from this side!


Splagawaga responds:

:D its nice to wake up to 4 comprehensive reviews from urself and the king.

i like your analogy of the battle worn drunk staggering around. it has that sort of feeling to dance around to, lots of stalling and stumbling.

As for the compression, listening back this doesnt actually sound as bad as i thought. i previously compressed it down to fm radio quality so it dropped from 44 to 22 and that sounded awful. my production itself definately isnt a strong point.

Anyways, i really appreciate the positive comments, thanks.

p.s. im just about to upload a couple more now. keep checking keep checking.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

wagness me

lovely pace to this track. does just enuff to keep it ticking over. some really nice tweakage going on. respec

Splagawaga responds:

thanks alot, appreciate the comments. not much else i can say there :)