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EDIT AGAIN: I swear that this is the last update! As per popular demand and personal preference more vocals have been added!

EDIT: This is the fully updated version.

Everyone is dependent on God. He created all and He holds everything in place. He blesses you and scourges you. Whether you like it or not He loves you and it's by His grace that anything exists at all. He sent His Son to save us from Hell and you can only be saved if you accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour.

I know I'm dependent on God. Do you?

I see nothing. I see nothing without You.
I hear nothing. I hear nothing without You.

I am nothing. I am nothing without You.
God, You're watching. God, You're watching me, I know.

I am nothing. I am dependent on You.


== This is an NGAUC Audition Round Review. ==

Wow, this is really an interesting track. The ambiance of this track is really, really cool. I can't remember hearing whispered vocals too often - maybe Nine Inch Nails did it - but they have a great effect. The background ticking noises are great, and so are the echoey, distant vocals I hear sometimes. What I don't like is the instrument at 3:26 - it sounds off tune. I also think that the drum set is a little too try and crisp for your ambiance. 8

Mini-scores (See http://johnfn.newgrounds.com/news/post/936953 for what this means and how to improve)
* Composition: 2+/4
* Arrangement: 3/4
* Mixing: 3/4

Rahmemhotep responds:

In this song I really wanted to have a drier drumset. When I put a bunch of reverb on the drums everything sounds washed out and we lose that tight groove which is essential to the song. This was all carefully thought out, as the whole point of the instrumental's structure is groove. If you didn't notice, there isn't much reverb on the chopped up rhodes riff either. It's all about that tight, groovy sound.

There is no instrument at 3:26. Nothing new comes in at that point. You'd better check your surroundings for noise.

After your detailed reviews of my song, i have to return this. Amazing concept, amazing drums. This track is exactly what is supposed to be, more sounds/melodies could be a good twist. Also you if wouldn't make the lyrics obvious (The part with God) more people could relate to it. You could let us think more about this. But it's just an idea, constructive criticism.

Rahmemhotep responds:

If I could I think I'd up my score on your song, cuz I just found out the clipping was coming from my headphones. I was mixing a new song the other day and the piano kept clipping, but it was not a mix issue or a dB issue (I looked into it, of course) and this leads me to believe my headphones need replacing.

This song is going to be on a Christian album I'm working on. It's specifically made for the Lord God :)

great track man

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Cool organ! Gives off a very melancholic feeling and establishes the mood well if that's what you were going for. Didn't really like that it was the same two chords throughout the entire track, and since the vocals are a little too sparsed out, I was hoping there would be a little bit more variation coming in from the instruments.

The drum samples seem a little too minimal when I'm trying to relate them to the rest of the instruments going on. I don't think a ton of compression and reverb would have been necessary for something like this, but I was thinking of something more along the lines of filtering and heavy EQ scooping to sort of deviate away from an old school hip hop vibe and more towards something a little bit more experimental and left field. I felt like the clicks you hear at 2:30 are more appropriate than the snare sample you previously used. Something like that.

All the other nuances contribute very well to the organ very well. I liked the chill little guitar that comes in intermittently to throw a bit more movement into the mix. The delay effect was pretty cool for the headphones. ^__^

I'm digging the theme of the track, but since there is very little vocal work, only two chords in the entire track, and very few melodies to carry everything forward, the feeling wears off pretty fast. It's a interesting tune, albeit drawn out a little bit.

Rahmemhotep responds:

It is meant to be simple and chill, two chords are appropriate.
It's not an organ, but a washed out synth that is layered with an oscillating synth.
I have used no compression in this song.
I have tried adding more vocals and it sucks. I like it the way it is.
The song is influenced by lounge, trip-hop and chillout styles, a snare is appropriate.

The only reason this is under 'experimental' is because none of the other genres are available on NG.

I'm going to try and be as unbiased as i can considering this isn't the kinda music i usualy listen too, but the beat sounds good. Very emotional and easy to listen to. I like the concept you have when it's coming to the vocals i just think you should add some echo in the back to help carry on the song and connect the lyrics a little bit. Besides that nice job man!

Rahmemhotep responds:

Yeah, I am going to put in more vocals so it sounds better.
EDIT: I tried to put more vocals in and didn't like it, so instead of putting echoes in the other parts of the song, I put echo on my new vocals. :P

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Jun 21, 2014
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