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Nightmare Factory

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There is a story to go with it. It fits if you can read it right. but its not likely. Here it is any way.

A little boy, and a Little girl lay down during the night.
Their minds drifting away to the dream world were all the little children play.
Happy games of imagination and fun in a world were no one gets hurt, and no one is ever sad or alone
But something is wrong, The sky is dark and no one is around.
In the distance they see a giant looming temple
One that had never been there before
they walk to it Not knowing what to expect and they enter the giant door sub-coming to the spirit of adventure and discovery
Nothing ever goes wrong in this fantasy dream world of the innocent minded
The little boy and the little girl disappear in the dark.
As they walk, the boy hits a button the wall unknowingly
The the door shuts
The girl is in panic.
The boy is in fear.
And the Machine starts.
First they hear nothing,
Then they hear something faint,
something growing in the back ground,
Then they hear drumming.
The sound of a million marching men all around them,
Slowly getting louder,
They go further listening, trying to find the source of the noise.
Like any good little adventures would.
They walk down the halls looking in all the rooms till they find the stairs leading down to some unknown place
shuffling slowly down each step careful not to fall or make any sound
stepping to the bottom floor they turn the corner and they look in fear at the sight unfolding before them.
The hammers clang around them
Machines of war rise up fires burning in side of them
The sound of gears churning from machinery that has rusted away long ago
The sound of heavy foot steps pounding away at the metal floor growing ever louder with each passing second
The boy and the girl start to run.
Machines everywhere coming alive. Furnaces burning all around them.
They run around looking for an exit,
looking in horror at the weapons of war and the automatons springing to life with blood stains on their hands and on their swords
Eyes with flames coming out and a black smoke from their mouths. They shake and shudder with each step they take.
only to find one past an exit past the machines they run for it
The little girl gets there first and screams for the little boy to hurry.
The door shuts.
The boy is trapped.
The little girl is alone
She begins to cry.
This was not a world of dreams
Or a world of wonder
or even one where imagination can run free
Its a nightmare where the evil run ramped.
Where all hope, light, love, and dreams die slowly
The little girl cries for the little boy as she listens to his screams
She runs far into the forest
Twisted animals are all around her Dear with red eyes and sharp fangs look at her with lusting hunger
She looks in horror as she runs
Finally coming a clearing in the forest with a dead tree
She sits down and puts her head in her lap and cries for what seams like hours
Some time later little furry cat like creature comes out of the log and rubs on her leg purring
looking up at her with a cute face the little creature smiles.
The little girl picks it up and holds it tight in her arms getting tears in the creature's fur coat.
The creature starts to make noises.
The girl looks down.
The creature was melting into a pool of shadows.
Blood started pooling from its mouth, the fuzzy creature turned into one with black scales as it melted even more
Hissing and lashing out with claws at the little girl
She steps back and turns to run away again scared of this world.
Tripping and falling she hit her head and passed out
She wakes up and rolls over in her bed to see her brother fast asleep drooling on his pillow
She shuts her eyes again unknowing of the nightmare she just had had
Ready to return to the world of wonder and imagination where her dreams could become her reality
at least for a little while.

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I read the story while hearing the music. It was very impressive and true. The problem is, I couldn't even listen to the music! Well, I guess that doesn't matter. You had my attention, that's what counts.

5 stars 4 you.

Nothins responds:

Well that sucks :c
I wonder why

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Jun 21, 2014
4:11 AM EDT
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