Sail Atop The Waves

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A young adventurer, helped by a playful elemental spirit, is wooshing his way across the Turquoise Ocean by way of magic-propelled boat.

A video-gamey, happy kind of feel. Swoosh!


0:00 Flutey. I like.
0:08 Ew I don't exactly like the full melody
0:15 Hmmm those snares are trilling along nicely.
0:24 OK I like where this is going... very Zelda-ey.
0:33 You're probably inspired by Wind Waker, aren't you? Yes you are, you naughty boy you! ;)
0:51 Lol. Very happy. I LIKE these chords. very nice... you don't really settle down do you?
1:05 Those hi-hats are interesting...
1:12 This synth is cool. i like the really triumphant voice your song has
1:23 This synth is sooooo cool I love choirs tho...
1:34 EW that sounds like the default FL drum.... the snare! ew lol it wasn't even properly mixed
1:46 I can hear distortion in my left ear
1:53 PLS dont use that snare it's offending
1:58 EW that piano please don't. that piano sound is disgusting. it sounds like FL keys ewwwww my earssssss
2:13 OK i like the choir and the main synth... but please stop the piano arpeggios
2:27 Nice chord progression.......
2:34 Very uplifting.
2:45 I wonder how this is going to end
2:55 Don't make your synths so loud that they clip...... lol

OK weird ending so abrupt, but it's overall a very happy piece that's blighted by some poor mixing that causes distortion and some really "default-sounding" sounds that sound like FL defaults. Their usual snares or keys. Even if I'm wrong, that you used some professional VST, that's what it sounds like anyway. Get a new piano vst ;)

But other than that, pretty well constructed and composed. You're good with chord structures but sometimes just lack the skill in choosing the right sound.


Imagine-Blue responds:

Aw man, thanks! That's such detailed feedback! Now I can work more effectively on improving my music.

So, regarding the chord progression, I did go quite wild on this one (I usually stick with a four-chord pop song structure) with two main progressions : one is the main Ab-Eb-B-Db-Absus2-Eb-Ab-Db and the other, to which I switch at 1:31 and 2:30, is the radically different G-D-Em-C (flat chords were starting to annoy me).

Distorsion really is a problem, I need to get better at mastering.

About the instruments I used:
1:34: That is a default FL drum... sorry. But what do you mean, it wasn't properly mixed? I agree that there are problems with it, but I might be missing some terminology here.
1:53: Really? I'll make sure to use better snares from now on (what would you recommend?).
1:58: I do need a new piano vst. Any good one in mind?

Other stuff:
0:24: I've been waiting my whole life for someone to tell me my music was Zelda-ey (though Kalyben did say that about "Man In A Purple Hat" a while ago). Thank you :)
0:33: Yes I am ^^ The Wind Waker soundtrack is one of the best video game soundtracks I've ever heard.
I was actually also inspired by the soundtrack for the mobile game Starlink (which is really good, in my opinion)
0:51: As I mentioned, these chords are triumphant, but they are also... weird (for me, at least).
1:12: Trimphant is what I was aiming for :)
2:13: Sorry about the piano arpeggios. It's true that I tend to use repetitive backround melodies that actually take away from the main one. I'll watch out for that in the future.
2:55: Guess I got a bit carried away on the loudness thing. I'll try to be more balanced next time.

Anyway, thanks again for the wonderful feedback and the time you took to listen to my song and comment on it!

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Jun 11, 2014
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