ARMA 3: Resist - Intro 2

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Extended version of 2nd Mission's Intro. Not exactly an extension because I miscalculated the required length and make over 1 minute extra. So I decided to upload this version to NG for people to leave feedback.

There are 3 different parts. The first part (solo cello) is intro. The the staccato string part is light action. Final part is required to be chilling, which is a minimal electronic theme.

I finally got Project Bravo, think I love this library. It offers a feature for people to create their own sound using user-friendly sound design's functions. I spent 2 hours creating synths in 3xOsc and then edit it under Project Bravo. Tonnes of fun while discovering its possibility. Although I like Zebra 2 because they have more options, still, Project Bravo doesn't require much expertise in audio design's knowledge.

Part of the project was done under Digital Performer (string solo), because I want to study more about the DAW and its film scoring's function. The electronic parts were done with FL Studio.

If you spot anything out of place or something missing, please leave feedback, even a short one is perfect! Thank you for your times, NG!


That´s a nice one! I really like the chello intro. The percussion and the synths also sound awesome and that track creates a nice dramatic atmosphere. I also like the raindroppy stuff, although the atmosphere reminds me more from drops falling down in a cave. The sound of the plucks is also great but in a short part at the beginning (at about 16s) they sound a bit to mechanic (quantisized) for my taste. Anyway, great track!

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KatMaestro responds:

The velocity control of the mandolin was pretty bad, plus I was terrible at playing it. There is another better version coming up, I'll fix them all soon.

Thank you for the review :D

Really lovethe electronic elements, great work especially since you did the sounds from scratch. Plucked instrument, whatever it is, is great.

The cello could use a bit of work (but solo strings is so goddamn hard), a bit of overlap between midi notes and a faster attack. It also feels kinda wrong "in the room", as well - it's a bit too wide stereowise. Maybe use a spatialisation tool and narrow it slightly? The reverb also feels slightly off, I'd DL some solo live cello track and try to recreate that room!

Anyway, all that said, great track.

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KatMaestro responds:

I just learned how to control the reverb because the solo string library is quite new.

Thank you for the review a lot. And welcome back :) glad to see another awesome face around!

Well... Just dropping by to say this is great :D
I like all the different parts, but the way you introduced the percussion in the beginning really made an impact!

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KatMaestro responds:

Thanks man!

hey for some reason I thought u already had a review.. anyway the plucked sound in the beginning is a great contrast to the cello, which I really liked and brought the attention right away. The panning added to the intensity and unpredictability, gets you in the war zone. I'd say this is pretty good music for an introductory scene of a game, not too in your face but full of mood. Plus that middle section until the end with such minimal stuff is great for other activities such as reading the plot or dialogue, well spaced. So good work, hope to see this stuff in a game or something similar!

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KatMaestro responds:

Thank you for your review :)

I like the raindrops. Pretty cool and good for background listening

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KatMaestro responds:

Ha ha, it does sound like the raindrops. Just a really simple synth made from 3xosc.

Thanks :)

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