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Author Comments

Your land is burning. You must decide to give it to the man you hate, or let it burn.

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don't mind me

i like to make music fit for scene's of my book and with this i would say:
A scout of the great kingdom of Hurianth arrives at the main army to defeat the army's of darkness and reports to the hero.
"Captain Dharius, i've got bad news. A platoon of enemy minotaurs have captured Arniyané(MY elfish for royal blood)Miligen and are hiding in the woods."
The hero has to decide, lead his troops into victory against the evil clutches of darkness,save countless lives and be the greatest hero. at the cost of his love.
or will he save her, risking the chance that the army of light will be destroyed, taking all remaining hope that exists with it.
The hero is quiet for several minutes, with great pain in the heart and tears in the eyes he sais: "For the sake of Light, Safety and the Wellbeing of the Alliance of Light, i...i shall stay at my post..." without anyone able to hear it he whispers: "I am sorry Miligen, sorry that...that...that i chose for the wellbeing of the world instead of yours..."
The forces of light were victorious at the battle of Hurianth, but they were not defeated.
The hero regrets his decision, for he knew the war wasn't over yet.
Lateron when searching for the minotaurs he finds them all dead, slaughtered, torn to pieces.
while searching for the body of Miligen he finds her unharmed, after she explained that several Laema riders of the Zarioth empire that passed by saved her they return to Hurianth to get ready to follow the enemy's of light...


It would be like 'Your land is burning with no way to stop it, you may take all the flame into a being who ignited it, or shall you not take thee, and not do anything since you are wise.

9/10 with 5/5 rating.


truly amazing, it manages to hit on so many emotions. this has got to be my favorite of all your submissions so far.

Bosa responds:

Glad to score a favorite here! It reminds me of a game I played back in the day.. King's Quest 2 VGA. It's what inspired me to create this track.



I do not personally see the previous reviewer's lengthy story, although it is a great idea. I see instead as simply a tension, but not necessarily of anger or rage. the tension is merely cause of the dilemma, of choosing two different paths with different outcomes that close and open different doors...and the thought of lost opportunity brings a disheartening to the track. I am interested to see what my thoughts would've been if I had not seen the title. hmm~~ =)


Bosa responds:

Interesting indeed.


Hello Bosa.

Lets begin our review by analysing the mood and atmosphere the song sets.

I do not see your description, but I do not see hope either as said in another review. I see bitter despair, I see a man weeping his shoulders hunched over, looking at a map, many many red wooden blocks, surrounding sparse blue ones.

He was not losing his land Bosa, he was losing his home, he is losing his future, his legacy, his spirit, and everything he ever looked at and thought "How wonderful". He loses all of this, and though his rage burns brighter then any fire, the blaze is tiny when compared to the demons that strike at his home.

That is the story I get, the mood of course being a hopeless, bitter fight. Not a fight he was about to just throw away, but not a fight he could win either.

The atmosphere being a deep, cruel, heartless surrounding.

I suppose, I did see your description...

Anyways, lets talk a bit about instruments shall we?

Now, those spic strings, they were very very impressive Bosa. I had never thought of using those spic strings like that, tell me, did you use two seperate channels one panned to the left, and the other to the right, or did you use one, and then pan them accordingly? I have to tell you, I am generally very against panning sounds, as I think, or well, thought, that they were quite distracting, and took away from the song, but not in this case at all. Either way, it was quite clever. I hope you don't mind me stealing the idea ;).

You know, in every song I hear, I am always thinking, Bells would sound good, choirs would sound good, and flutes would be good. But in this song, I honestly don't think you need bells or choirs. I think the two would actually DIMINISH the songs power. Print out that sentence and frame it Bosa, I very very rarely say that, in fact this would be my first.

The melody those spics play are in my mind, actually the very foundation for the song, not support, I think of them as pure foundation. They set the atmosphere so damn succesfully, and then you layer those others instruments.

The only ONLY instrument I can think of adding, French Horn, and to a much lesser extent, flute. Now I know you're thinking "But SoulStrings, you lying sack of CRAP, you saided in your sentence those three instruments don't work! >:(" well, I said Bells and Choir, I still think a flute would have been quite neat. I of course do not really think they would be an essential or even all that helpful, but I wonder still, what the song would have been like with them.

The French Horns on the other side, I think if you made them play a melody like you have your cello's playing, I think that would have added an intense flavour.

Other then that, I loved it. Do pm me, or email me when you have a new song out, this was quite enjoyable. Great stuff, keep your chin up, the fighting spirit strong, and keep them coming!

Goodbye Bosa.

Bosa responds:

Whoa. Okay, after reading this, you are indeed the great reviewer on Newgrounds. Now, I'm not a man of happiness, yet I am a man of neutrality. The spics is yours, take the idea. I'm quite speachless at the moment. I never knew I'd hear this coming from you. Anyways, I'll keep you informed.


Credits & Info


4.76 / 5.00

Aug 6, 2006
9:20 PM EDT
File Info
2.2 MB
2 min 24 sec

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