Sunlit Thunderscapes

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so, on a more serious note, here's some music that isn't evocative of poop

using vibes with a bunch of delay to play with the evolving harmonies in this one

pretty chill, environmental, etc.

I'd say that the major sections generally outshine the minor ones, but oh well, gotta force that tonal contrast

Honest votes and reviews are appreciated!

P.S. probably won't be uploading anything else for a while. don't really have enough free time right now, since acquisition of money is very inefficient when you have no marketable skills!

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This is a really good song. It gives me a very relaxed and reassured feel. The only flaw is that weird sound overriding the melody at 1:23-1:44. It sounds too dubstep-y to me. Otherwise, good song. 4/5

Really this is a beautiful song, but ocularNebula is gone :( and no one will make music like he.

Great tune. Cool progression changes at 2:00.. .

I really like this song. I discovered it from GD, and I find that it's more suited for an atmospheric background than a gameplay level. I feel really relaxed when hearing this song, like I do when hearing things designed to trigger ASMR. Anyway, here's a story background thing:

You sit on the bridge of the USS Aeroyale. Dangling your feet over the side of the platform, you can feel the gentle, rhythmic humming of the antigrav drives and the thick, lethargic pull of the watery, dense clouds that wrap around your feet. Thousands of miles below, intense winds torrent the atmosphere by the core, but it tapers down to a gentle push by the time it gets to the habitable layers above. You see an airfloater glide by, its gas-filled balloon-like body lifting it above the intense electrical storms below as its tentacles catch microscopic organisms floating in the atmosphere. The Aeroyale's sensors detect the airfloater to see if it is a dangerous lightning bolt arcing up from the strong negatively charged clouds below, but it decides that it is benign. The thick atmosphere in the lower levels is made of mainly sulfur hexaflouride,a very dense gas, but oxygen released from ionized water in the atmosphere floats above it, where the massive, airplane carrier-like platform of the Aeroyale floats. Although the weather detectors predicted a dark sky, the red-giant sun and nearby giant moon cast gentle, shadowless light through the white and pale orange atmosphere. As you are alone, you are startled when a low note echoes across the Aeroyale. You look around and see an Entia! They are almost extinct; there are only around 4,000 of them left. The Aeroyale was modeled after them: a large platform over two small, conical bodies, with one eye on each. They support entire ecosystems on their foamy, giant backs, and care for them, as they are semi-sentient and kindhearted. It points with a tail end of one of its cones, and you see a waterglobe only about fifty yards from the Aeroyale. Made of plankton holding water to it via surface tension, the dense atmosphere holds it up and the very plankton the airfloater eats keeps it from spreading into a floating puddle. The Entia comes up to the side of the Aeroyale and offers you to climb on it's back. You do, and it flies over the thick clouds to the waterglobe. You walk into the globe, but you don't get wet. The plankton release oxygen when disturbed, so you can swim around in it, breathe, and not get wet. This is a relatively big one, around the size of a small house, and as you swim around you see the Entia giving it's characteristic low notes as it does when it makes another creature happy. You are having so much fun swimming in the waterglobe that you don't hear the Aeroyale's lightning siren. The extra electricity in the air loosens the plankton's grip on the water, and you fall with it into the thick, misty, charged clouds below. You feel the electricity in the air around you, begging for an excuse to discharge. Even if the lightning doesn't get you, the high pressures will crush you before long, and there is less oxygen in the lower layers here. You are certain you won't make it when you fall onto something. The Entia catches you on it's back, and carries you back up through the fog to the platform of the Aeroyale. You thank it, and you feel it understands you. It gives it's cry again before diving down into the cloudy, icy mist below. As night falls over the USS Aeroyale, you can't help but feel indebted to the Entia, and wish more people spent their lives making people happy.

That was the first one of those I've written. I think it came out really nicely. Tell me what you think.

In rainy days,this is the best music to be listened
With drizzle out of my balcony and lighting mildly

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May 28, 2014
12:11 PM EDT
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