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WIP 1 - Intro & Betrayal

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The transition of Intro track and Betrayal is marked by the snare riser and hit.

I really need opinions from people on this one. Is the choir out of place? Should I add/remove some percussion? Does the Intro track feel empty? What should I add for the Betrayal track? Should I remove the orchestra for Betrayal?


I'm going to let my thoughts flow freely so I can help in a transparent manner.
The beginning is interesting. It could fit well as an intro so my thoughts on it might not even matter. However, it is sparse. I know this isn't intended to be a music piece on its own so in context it most likely does work. I like the stringed instrument and percussion the first ten seconds, but after that, when the voice comes in (.29), I thought it was just a bit overbearing as there wasn't enough low end instruments nor much there leading up to it to drive such a part, IMO. Just thought the vocal part came in too soon there. A minute onward into the piece, I have no complaints in the parts individually.
This has a lot of intriguing qualities.
At 1:22, you have that dark pad going. I would like to hear it continue, and not drop out like a melodic motiff.
Overall, the parts are good, and keep the orchestra. It seems what I am finding out for myself is that I would like to hear something that can hold all the interesting parts together so as to create a more cohesive work. I think this helps the listener to follow along your musical train of thought. I dunno, maybe add a choo choo.
Seriously though, I'm enjoying this, but even your own comment about the intro track feeling empty might reflect the reality of what is going on. You're a genius at percussive parts so what would happen if you added another percussion part as you suggested?

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When it goes to cinematic genre that is used in games and movies, orchestra instruments are very appreciated. That's all I know. Also I imagine this as a backside story music.

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i think the vocals/choir fits pretty well actually. there doesn't seem to be anything "wrong". there are a few conflicting frequencies with the different basses, but i'm also listening to this with ear buds <_<. the percussion sounds pretty good. i wouldn't remove any of it, but tweaking them a bit wouldn't hurt. as far as "empty" goes, it sounds pretty full, you have a strong bass percussion pushing the track forward, with some mid and high percussion here and there. around 2:50 i kinda felt like the orchestra should have been a bit softer, but that's just me. anyways, that's all i got, take from it what you feel like would work, i'm not huge into the whole composing orchestra thing so idk much about this genre. <_<

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