Gun Caliber-Metaljonus

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Here's some balls to the wall metalz for you all! Something I am working on for "Gun Caliber". I'll probably add strings just gotta mess around with that for a bit. But hope you all dig what I got so far!



Pretty fantastic writing and playing. Mixing and mastering could use just a bit of help. It sounds like some peaks are going over 0 dB and there is a lot of distortion.. and not the good kind. I dislike the flatness and quick decay of the snare. I feel it should have just a bit more beef to it. Bass is hiding a little bit in the mix, and at times the rhythm guitar is a bit detuned relative to it. Splash cymbals are prone to being a little bit overused-ish on repeat hits. Take care on that.

Metaljonus responds:

Thanks, and yeah the mastering is ok at best but this is an old song I really don't care about lol.

omg so good.
so heavy
so clean

Metaljonus responds:


"War. Bloodshed. Relentless violence.
Novelties of life are looked as though they mean nothing. In light of the chaos, we are all that is left of this dying wasteland.

"My troops have gone against multiple foes, but none of my men have made it back alive. Our hope for survival has gone out the window.

"We are trapped in an endless hell with seemingly no salvation in sight. God has betrayed us.... Left us to die along with the rest of the world.

"We've lost everything, and the world has been driven into a spiral of infinite darkness that has no bottom to stop us. We are the legends that people have prayed for us to keep our species alive. The code of man has fallen apart, and we have driven ourselves all but to extinction. Greed overpowered us, and we are essentially our own Grim Reaper. I confess my fears that there may be no further hope for us now.

"If there is anyone out there.... out there in the universe... I send this message as my final stand against the angel of death. Help us return to what we once were. This is my call... my SOS... my Gun Caliber."

Epic freaking song, dude. This track inspired me to write all of that because it reminds me of a time that may come. We're all at war with each other, and one guy is sending this message as an SOS to any other civilization. This song has all the makings of a war drawn track.

Freaking epic, man.

Metaljonus responds:

Holy crap dude lol that's awesome! Thanks for writing all that and listening!

ballz to the wall my brother!!

5/5 11/10


Metaljonus responds:

Thanks jay!

This song is so heavy, my house just fell right through the ground.

Metaljonus responds:

LOL Damn that's heavy. Thanks for listening!

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May 27, 2014
4:57 PM EDT
Heavy Metal
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