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Indecision- LoveKavi Ft. DJDj

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So, I've had a rough few weeks, struggling with some tough decisions I've had to make. This track embodies a lot of those emotions. Enjoy!



Have you ever looked up in the night sky
and seen a star shining
steady sittin, wonder why
Why they
never shine unless they floatin through the dark
why they never die
until they get that certain little spark?

Have you ever wondered
what might have been,
had you have listened to another voice
inside of the din

It's like a sin

against another man inside of my skin
and he's just tearin up
my choices, doubting me from within

And I

Can't hear
over all of the noise
I can't steer
In the lack of my poise
Hey, what is all of this for?
I can't take it anymore
I think I'm just fallin short
It's like a bomb in the fort
goin off, and its

Makin my decisions
from the heart

Tell me why
I try
If every single choice
feels like a lie

Tell me why

I can't tell you how it really is
I can only tell ya [what it feels like]
In the middle of the night
[when my conscience
Tries to re-write]
all the plans I made
the day before
[It's got me on the floor
Kickin' and screamin'
And hollorin' for]
An infinite reason
the treasonous
thoughts outnumber yours
[a thousand to one
in my imagination]
it's like a demon came to spit in my face
I need to rewind/erase

back to a better time
When I knew where I was goin
at the start of every line
before it became a problem
Knowin how to keep my mind
In line to try to
Make everything shine
Now it's all so undefined
That I
can't see in the light of my life
I don't know if I'm winning
or losing my mind to the strife
It's gotta
Bittersweet taste
I gotta
bitterly face
The way my life is defaced
In case
I ever wanna stop tryin

Makin my decisions
from the heart

Tell me why
I would try
If every single choice
felt like a lie

Tell me why

Tell me why

Tell me why

And every single day
could feel like it was it's own battle
every single fight
could bring our spirits to a rattle
And every single breath
could feel like it could be our last
But there aint a single test
that we don't know that could pass by tryin

To make all these decisions
from our hearts

And I know why
I try
Cause every single choice
feels like it's right

I know why...

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Okay, so I said a while ago that I would review your stuff when I got back to my little studio, and here I am! Haven't forgotten, dude!

So first off, it's always nice to see a full-fledged song in the portal. The lyrical work is pretty solid and the vocal work is pretty awesome. They really do a good job expressing the internal conflict the song is trying to convey. Favorite part definitely went to the bridge of the song. I know what it feels like thinking about that stuff when life tries to set up a tough obstacle for you.

Stereo acoustic guitar chords are such a treat to the ears. I don't know, it's something about the strumming that sets off that relaxed feeling. Drum kit is wonderful. The kick is present, but noninvasive, the snare hit sounds great on the offbeat, and the panned percussion is a great addition to the beat. Synth for the chorus is a little cliche, but it opens up the song nicely.

Only other thing I have to say is that I'm sure you're aware that the reason stars don't shine during the day is because the Sun's light drowns them all out, and I'm sure you weren't looking for a literal explanation to a somewhat emotional song, but I had to say it anyways. I apologize for not being able to contain my inner smartassness. It's a great song, dude!

NeoAlchemist247 responds:

Lol. It's no problem, man. Thanks for a rally detailed review; I hope your studio is coming along nicely- and I'm glad you enjoyed the track! Stay awesome, bro.


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May 26, 2014
6:50 PM EDT
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