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Why hi there!

I haven't uploaded anything in a while, but maybe this will redeem me :D
This project is not that long. When I woke up today, I had this suddent urge to finish one of my old projects, so I did. However, when I had come a long way, my project crashed, and was unopenable -_-
After a couple of hours I finally managed to get things working again, and then my song-making energy had left me :(
(Also, I'm pretty sure something with the mix is a little different than before the project crashed :/ )

This is a very experimental piece. I was imagining something similar to circus music, but I simply randomly stacked a lot of weird stuff together. This piece is also very repetitive XD

The collab with Elitistinen hasn't moved on in a while; you could say it's on a small hiatus. I've been gone from home for a time, and he's working on a large project. Then there are the different timezones to consider...
I'm sure we'll get something done on it soon :D

Originally, we just decided to both make a simple base idea for the collab, and it was supposed to be happy. The first 16 seconds of this song was my idea, but I decided it was far too silly to collaborate with, so we stuck with Elitistinen's idea.

I decided to finish this today anyway, since I had nothing better to do :p
It's a very unusual genre for me...

Enjoy (if you can)!!! :'D

(Vappu is actually celebrated on the 1st of May in Finland, so this is a bit late... Also, the holiday/whatever has barely nothing to do with circuses... But it's a happy time ;)

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Definitely circus-y! You can tell its a good loop when I start listening to it and half an hour later I've not turned it off yet because I forgot it was a loop xD

But it's totally awesome you got this done, finishing projects is hard but super healthy! Good luck with the collaboration man :)

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks a lot for the review, and good luck in NATA!
I'm glad it seems I managed to stay true to the genre too :D
And wow, half an hour? XD

Finishing projects can be hard indeed, and weird too. I'm glad I did it though ;)

Don't hesitate to ask for background music, I'd be happy to help!

This Loop is cool. It is really Bouncy.
This Loop is about Fun too + Being a Loop.
I like the theme.
Awesome Job


LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks a lot Food123! :D
I'm glad that you too liked this :3

Don't worry - weird is good! :D It's very bouncy and busy and fun...I like it a lot! The bells and weird pads really add a lot to the piece! Why don't you make some of these pieces into full-length tracks, man?! The instruments and moods are my favorite part. Makes me think of getting lost in a giant obstacle course with tons of over-sized clowns, and basically being the pawn in a giant game of circus-themed pinball! XD Nice work as always, LSD! ;)

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Weird, bouncy and full of crazy stuff; that's what I was aiming for :3
I personally love bells! I would use them in every song if they'd fit XD

"Why don't you make some of these pieces into full-length tracks, man?!"

=> The laziness!! D:
I'm actually working on a full length track at the moment (two if you count the collab. Possibly up
to 3, but last one will take quite a while...)

I like using a large variety of instruments and combining them in new ways. If nothing else, it can help with keeping tracks interesting. I'm not really that traditional with instrumentation, I guess :/
(Whatever sounds good = good :p)

Thanks for the review! I should really go respond to that message of yours, now that I have time XD

Finally you uploaded it :D

:( But it sounds so wet.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Hahha, you remembered this? XD
Yeah, you're totally right, it's wet over the surface! It especially bothers me when it comes to the synths at the later parts of the song. I am too lazy to take away some of the reverb though, as I'd have to do it individually for all the instruments...

Thanks for the review! We should finish up our collab soon too ;)

This sounds really awesome. It's extremely unique compared to what you normally do, and it worked really well. :D

It's great that you're able to expand your stylings into something more fast-paced and happy! Lots of the work you do is really emotional, so this is a happy change (literally).

I think your instruments all work really well. If it was me, I probably would've added an accordion. ALSO, DRUMS. DRUMS WOULD BE PERFECT IN THIS SONG. You may suck at them, but you won't get better without practice!

Great work! Can't wait for more!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Yay, thanks for the very fast review! (You should sleep, what are you doing awake? ;)

I'm glad you like the piece :D
I decided it was too weird not to finish :p

It's probably good that I'm trying out different genres... This is not my first happy-ish song though, but I definitely think it's the funniest XD

Good thing you like the instruments, I am somewhat happy with them too. I too would've added an accordion, but I forgot o.O Damn it >:(
Oh well, another piece I'm currently working on at the moment will have (has) an accordion in it at least :)

Noooooo!!!! The DRUUUMSSS D:
I probably should've tried harder to add some to the piece... I might just follow your advice later on and edit the piece, if I ever feel up to the task. I really should practice my drum-stuff...

Thanks again for the review! :'3

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May 26, 2014
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