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Dance of the Groovy Dragon

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A more "groovy" version of my song "Dance of the White Dragon".
I know its not Ambient but as long as my name doesnt appear in the genre section I always have to put Ambient instead xd. Any suggestions? Anyway enjoy! :D


yea! it's not annoying! I hate that "botts n pants" beat, but its low key so IT WORKS! it's totally overplayed threwout newgrounds and hundreds in the mainstream radio. I just really dislike it. 1:00 - 2:45 --- yours is actually different its more like "boom dun dun tss" the one I hate to no end is "boots n pants" I hate 3 beat repetition I guess. cus its like 1/2 a second and that makes it waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over played, even if its just one song.
I will never produce a song with a beat like that, even out of my mouth unless im complaining about it.... EVER. its just so trashy.
ps- I love complex things in this manner.

VideoGameManiac responds:

Thanks for stomping by x). I always try to make my music sound different than other styles I guess its called originality? And I try to keep it as easy as possible as well, with a little beep and boop of complexity xd

Not exactly an ambient track, but still a great mix! The main synth pad is gorgeous and that bass is a fun one to listen to. Love the main beat in this too. Awesome.

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That pad's been giving me a lot of ideas! One suggestion I have, especially with the pad sound, is to roll off some of the low frequencies, so that the kick has more room to be in the mix, as well as carve out a bit of the pad around the snare body and top registers so that the snare can punch through a bit more. Even though it's atmospheric, that drum snap is never a bad thing, especially if you have grooves like this! Very cool!!

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VideoGameManiac responds:

Thanks for your review, glad you like it and I appreciate your feedback :D

Definitely groovy, and most certainly catchy. I love the bassline and the main synth, they sound great together! The pad is a nice touch, though overwhelms the other instruments slightly.

For some reason, this track reminds me of the 'Dire, Dire Docks' track from Super Mario 64. Probably because it's upbeat yet relaxing at the same time. Really well done VGM. Looking forward to your next track! :)

VideoGameManiac responds:

Now that you say it, it really has a similar harmony like Dire, Dire Docks :D

Dang dude you're like the 5th song today that's actually pretty good that i've reviewed lol.

Nice use of the cloud pad wav by the way lol.

The only thing I can say is that maybe you should've changed up the chord progression or instrumentation more at the 3rd minute. Also changing the beat to halftime at some point may have helped spice it up.

I guess I would've liked to hear it build up to a bit more full chorus somewhere. With a few more instruments, or another synth taking the melody. You know more stuff.

Keep making music dude!

VideoGameManiac responds:

Thank you for the kind review!
Im actually not a fan of "adding more" since I like to keep my tracks as simple as possible but theres always room for improvement of course and I appreciate your ideas! :D

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May 26, 2014
10:47 AM EDT
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