the seas will forget your name

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hmm so I've always wanted to write a post rock song with electro influence and I guess I did it! (or is it an electro song with post rock influence???)

anyway i ended up liking this one quite a bit. it took me a freaking long time to mix the song properly and particularly to get the climax bit right, i just kinda wanted to fill it with noise but also keep it mixed reasonably, which ended up being really hard. i'm not even totally sure how successful the climax is but meh i like it so oh well.

into trance you go! i give up on genres.


SkyeWintrest, back to /mu/

Anyways, amazing song. Really started feeling it after 3 minutes.

johnfn responds:

ha! thanks.

Man, I feel the climax, I feel the feels. Wonderful progression.

Also, I disagree with almost all of SkyeWintrest's complaints. :D The kick drum does have an awkward-sounding cutoff though, IMO, when it is standing "all alone" like it is in the first half of the song. It seems to work better around 03:40.

johnfn responds:

Haha. Hey thanks for the review! I dunno how I forgot to respond to this.

Fantastic! :D I love the pizzicato-esque beginning - combined with the reverb, it really conveys a dark yet also strangely calming mood effectively. The harmonies and melodies were, as always, excellent, although I think you did an especially good job this time of creating a sufficient amount of fill throughout the piece. I love the title by the way - it really speaks to the mood of the piece. Of course, the glitches always help - a piece of yours can never be completely pure again, can it, Johnfn? XD I think the drums at 2:25 are a little too loud. I understand that you were trying to add energy/drama, but I think you over-did it a bit. You did a good job of creating contrast and variety throughout, though, especially with that "high point"/climax between around 3:00 and 3:30. The chill yet ominous mood it takes on around 4:00 is really interesting. I love all the reverb on the drums there, too - they really add to the sense of mystery. I love those pads that keep fading in and out of the mix for the last 1.5 minutes or so - they appear most prominently at 4:20, I believe. I thought ending with the piano was very fitting as well. Amazing work as always, Johnfn! :D

johnfn responds:

Thanks! Haha I spent a lot of time thinking about the name for the piece. So I guess it worked :)

Glitches are the one constant in music. They will ALWAYS make a song better. (Even if it already has glitches.)

God darn it I actually completely agree with how loud that one snare is at 2:25... I didn't even notice until I uploaded and then I was like "argh" :p

Glad you liked it though :D

So... how's a review sound? Hopefully as good as the song.

The Good:
-Great arpeggios in this, like pretty much always.
-Pretty solid mixing in most areas.
-Excellent use of reverb in the leads, at 1:20 and
-Good chord progression.
-I love the drums at 4 minutes. Love love love love love this entire section, actually. The background sounds are really solid too.

The Not-So-Good:
-Muh slow progression. Dear lord this is a long song. Not because of the actual time length, but because of how it flows. This might be more of a pet peeve, but it takes two minutes and forty seconds for a serious buildup to happen, and a full three minutes before the climax. On the plus side, the climax itself doesn't feel too short. That's good.
-I uh. I don't understand why you have the glitches at 0:44. All I can think of is "filler", since you do it there and then glitch sounds never appear again in this song. EVER.
-Dude. The same background arp goes on for 5 whole minutes without stopping. I know it goes up an octave at the climax, but holy crap. Repetition has its place, but there *is* a point where you're overdoing it.
-Kick drum at 1:52. Oh my god. I couldn't keep from laughing at that point - you really need to use a better kick drum for this. Something more solid, without as much of a decaying bass sound. ...especially without the cut-off ending. Something more thumpy and solid would have been great - maybe combine the normal hit of a kick drum with a sub-bass to get the depth of it. Then you can also modulate the length of the sub part.
-Speaking of the kick drum, it kinda gets buried under the big plucking you have at 2:40. Unless you don't have it at all. It feels like you did.
-Around the point where the kick drum feels buried, the mix gets pretty strained right before the actual climax.
-It feels like the piano at the end is too swamped in reverb. I think it could have used a bit more definition and a fuller sound.
-Part of me likes what you did with the ending, most of me is really unhappy that there was no resolution of the chord at the end. :( Probably a personal thing, the ending as-is could work.

Overall: Good, good as always, but a pretty decent amount of things to work on. Some of them aren't exactly small either, like the eternal arpeggio.

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I feel you haven't made a song this good since that competition you won last year. I love every part of it :D

johnfn responds:

Hmm... I'm not sure what to think about this... I guess the best part of this is that it means I can now write an NGADM-level piece 5x faster than I could last year.

Well I'm glad you like it I guess! :D

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