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Breed - Nirvana cover

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Author Comments

An acoustic cover of the song Breed originally by Nirvana.


I like this cover. The best part is a cover isn't a "copy". It's a tribute...you make it your own. You aren't Nirvana and in fact, I like your vocals better. Yeah. For real.

Great stuff.

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Stereocrisis responds:

Thanks for the kind words. People usually have all these expectations of production quality, and I'm just one guy with an acoustic guitar, with no real aspirations to make it famous. If I had the money to do so, I wouldn't even want to waste it on professionally recording someone else's music. I do these covers for fun using a handheld camera to record. I've had some critics forget that I'm just a fan doing a tribute. So thank you for recognizing what I am, instead of attaching an opinion of what I should have done to make it better. These are one take recordings, and also, I genuinely listen bootleg versions of Nirvana songs some times. (On Youtube, or other forms of bootleg copies.) So to those people who assume I'm always doing a cover of the album version, I'd like them to take into consideration that they haven't considered that at all in the 5 seconds it took them to leave a mean comment. Sorry to rant on such a positive review. lol

Damn man, it's a pretty good cover your guitar work is impressive and vocals are very raw and passionate. I hide behind a computer when i make my music. To put yourself out there and put in that much effort in that performance is brave bro. Although it sounds very raw and rough, there is definitely some art to that. Good cover, to a great song man. Keep it up.

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Stereocrisis responds:

Thank you. I don't care when people "hide behind a computer." That is another form of creating, and it takes a different kind of talent, but it ultimately achieves the same goal. I honestly only call people out for hiding behind a computer when they call me out for not using the latest technology to enhance my own sound. I have to just remind them, I'm not faking my love of lo-fi recordings. Some people, like me, prefer a raw sound to a slick sound. I feel some of the people who hear me do my thing think I'm not "doing it right" when instead, they don't realize, this is the sound I like. It's purposefully supposed to sound like a live version, because it is one.

Hello again! Still rocking out with just the camera, I'm guessing? The quality of work still sounds great for what it is, but there's still that small fuzz most cameras pick up that slightly erodes a tracks condition.

I don't know if that needed to be pointed out, and it doesn't make too much of a negative impact on a cover song for me, since I perceive most cover songs to be tributes to the original artist and aren't necessarily geared towards self-promotion. As long as everything is discernible in the recording, all those fancy mixers and whatnot start to become a little less valuable.

With that said, it wouldn't hurt to get some equipment if you're into pleasing an audience and wanting to provide the listener the most enjoyable experience through your work. The high strings on the guitar sometimes get a little "snappy", especially during your bridge. The easiest way to amend this in your circumstance would be to just record yourself slightly further away. You'll lose a little volume, but everybody has an external volume control, so no worries!

The vocal work is great and very similar to Cobaine's. Not sure if that was what you were going for or not, you just sound a lot like the dude lol.

Really liking your Nirvana covers, man. You should reeeeallly invest in a mic or something though. I'm thinking you could really throw down some top notch stuff here if you got a basic studio.

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Stereocrisis responds:

I know. I'm broke as a joke right now. I have some money but it's tied up in investments at the moment. Maybe someday I'll make some more legit studio songs. Exactly as you said, the fancy mixers and whatnot are less valuable during a cover song. That is true. Paying homage. Just a little reminder that people remember the music. It was more than Kurt Cobain's personal life. It was that Nirvana sold so many records. The songs on Nevermind are still incredible by today's standards.

Not the best. I understand it was grunge, but you tried too hard to emulate Nirvana. Not only that, but you didn't do a great job emulating it. You mumble a lot of words, and do some weird growling thing. It doesn't give me a reason to listen to this over the original.

Stereocrisis responds:

Not for nothing man, I did do a good job of covering this song. You have one audio submission, (a Mortal Kombat theme music cover) and it's done with a computer. You had endless chances to fix it to perfection, and it still sucked. I record with a handheld camera, in one take, with just an acoustic guitar and my voice. I just don't understand why you would hate when you can't do better, or even equally good as me.

Best cover I've heard in a while. Amazing work dude.

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Stereocrisis responds:

Thanks bro. Much appreciated. I have some other Nirvana covers up. Check 'em out, or the teddy bears you used to masturbate with from when you were 12 will come back to rape you. Remember that hot white stuffing in teddy bears guys? Yeah. THOSE fucking teddy bears are coming after this guy if he doesn't listen to my songs. Coming back with giant furry cocks to rape. It's all they know or understand. Actually. What happened was some kid did that, and there was a full grown midget child growing in the teddy bear. Ha! AHHAHAHA!!!

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Credits & Info

2.72 / 5.00

May 19, 2014
10:04 PM EDT
File Info
2.5 MB
2 min 45 sec

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