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Author Comments

Yeah. I realized that I haven't uploaded anything in a while :(
The reason is mostly that I've been working on a couple of projects. I'm actually working on a collab piece with Elitistinen at the moment, which has been taking up some time, and changed my sleep pattern even further XD
It will take some time before we're done (Elitistinen is working on a much more important and big project too; still he has had time to work with me o.O), but we're on good way :'D

But I figured I should upload something in between, so I made this little thingy :)

What do ya think :p ?

P.S. Can you guess which track (by Elitistinen) inspired this?


I don't think I could get virtual cookie... :D

Wait, was it a loop? This is amazing. Simplicity sometime is so wonderful.

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

You're right, you don't get a virtual cookie; you get 10, for being the inspiration to this! :D
Yeah, it's a loop hahha :p
As usually, I made the loop a bit short, but oh well :/
Thanks! :')


This is definitely one of your best loops ever. The only reason I can tell it loops at all is the slightly louder 'gear-clanking' noise that plays at the beginning of every loop. Very nice.

I think the reason it's hard to tell a loop is because it's so ambient, people get too distracted by the calm to notice the loop. :) I dunno. It's also cool how you can take organic instruments, add tons of effects, and make them sound like different organic instruments. Vio-flute ftw!

Wow, I've listened to this thing 18 times in iTunes already and I can still hardly tell when it loops. If you get any better at making catchy loops, you might get a job as a game music designer! :D

Great job!

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:


Whoah, you've got good ears! The noise is indeed intentionally (it sounded weird otherwise) louder at the start of every loop :)

Yeah, I think you're right. When listening to music, the brain actually starts working in a different way :3
When listening to relaxing music like this, you actually go into a trancelike state, which can shift your focus entirely :D
Hahha, I'm sure everyone with the right VSTs or DAWs can filter and add other effects, if only one tries XD
Now... If only I could turn the crappiest of sounds into high-quality instruments...

I'm happy with this loop too :D
I've found that the loop should be at least 15-16 seconds long to be difficult to notice (unless you're only holding a neverending note or something... I did make a loop that's only 8 seconds long too), but the longer the better. One day, I shall make a one hour long loop so that NO ONE will be able to tell when the track starts anew XD
(18 times is a pretty specific amount o.O)

Thanks a million! :')

It's pretty! :) I love how melodic and soothing it is, and I barely even noticed that it looped. I liked the instruments, especially that flute-like sound in the background. Really nice work on this one! You have a lot of short little tracks that you should really expand upon. Also, may I ask what the title means? :) Looking forward to collab! ^^

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks a lot! :D
I think this is one of my best loops! I know I should expand upon some of these, but it feels like these short projects kind of come and go :3
The flute-like instrument you're talking about is probably the viloin. It has been EQ'd as well as undergone deep filtering, which makes it sound a bit like a flute XD

The title translates to "Dreamworld". I could've named it that, but I figured I wanted a Finnish name for once :p

I think you'll like the collab whenever it's done ;)
Thanks again for the reivew ;3

Were you inspired by "Feather"? xD
Nice little loop it loops perfect!
Can't wait to hear what you 2 are working on.

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

This piece was indeed inspired by "Feather"! So... You get a virtual cokiee :D
I've been making far too many loops lately, so I've kinda figured out how to make them loops smooth.
I have some longer stuff going on too though, so eventually there'll be some of that :/

I'm pretty proud of what we're working on, and we'd probably be done already if I wasn't messing around so much; I don't understand how Elitistinen puts up with me, but I'm thankful for his patience XD

Thanks for checking by! :3

Great work. The loop is not recognizable as a loop the first 3-5 times, which is a pretty awesome effect.

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Hey! Thanks for the review! I played your game for the Ludum Dare, but I realized I forgot to leave a review for you :(
Good thing there's still time. I'll go to your LD page right now!

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5.00 / 5.00

May 13, 2014
1:43 PM EDT
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