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Diskovr - Fugitive

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Author Comments

By the far the most complex track I've ever made. Total time: 13.25 hours.
Squarewave 5th Bass: 3xosc
High Synth: Nexus2
Violin: Philharmonik layer
Sweep: 3xosc
Whitenoise: 3xosc
Lead: Layer of 2 nexus instruments
Supersaw chords: Layer of 2 nexus and 1 toxic biohazard
Supersaw bass: 3xosc
Arpeggio: Nexus
Bass: Layer of 3 Nexus
Drums: 1 kick, 1 clap, 1 ride, 1 reverse clap, 1 trap kick, trap snare, trap chant, and a trap hat.
Samples: 3 reverse claps, 6 impacts, 3 buildups, a drum loop, vocal sample, trap riser, 2 snare builds, a snare fill, 2 uplifters, 2 tonal fx, a car crash, a bass drop, and a reverse note of the arpeggio

7 Automation Clips:
Sweep flanger delay (4 bars)
Sweep flangeer delay (8bars)
Lead send filter
Squarewave bass channel pitch
Supersaw send filter
Arpeggio filter
High synth reverb mix

55 Mixer Channels:
Kick => Drum Send: Fruity Limiter (used as a compressor)
Clap => Drum Send: Fruity Reeverb 2
Ride => Drum Send: Fruity Reeverb 2
Drum Loop: None
Drum Send: Maximus
Trap Kick => Trap Drum Send: Fruity Compressor, Fruity Parametric EQ2
Trap Snare => Trap Drum Send: Fruity PEQ2
Trap Chant => Trap Drum Send: Fruity PEQ2
Trap Hat => Trap Drum Send: None
Trap Drum Send: None
Arpeggio: Fruity Chorus, Fruity delay bank, fruity reeverb 2, fruity flanger, fruity soft clipper, fruity free filter
Bass => Bass Send: Fruity PEQ2
Bass 2 => Bass Send: Fruity PEQ2
Bass 3 => Bass Send: Fruity PEQ2
Bass Send: Fruity Limiter
Lead => Lead Send: Fruity PEQ2
Lead 2 => Lead Send: Fruity PEQ2
Lead Send: Fruity Delay, Fruity reeverb 2, Fruity parametric EQ2, Fruity Free filter, fruity limiter
Supersaw => Supersaw Send: Fruity PEQ2
Supersaw 2 => Supersaw Send: Fruity PEQ2
Supersaw 3 => Supersaw Send: Fruity PEQ2
Supersaw Send: Fruity Free filter, Fruity Limiter
Supersaw bass: Fruity PEQ2
Violin: Fruity PEQ2, Fruity Stereo Enhancer
Whitenoise: Fruity limiter, fruity reeverb 2
Sweep: Fruity PEQ2, Fruity flanger, Fruity limiter
Rev Clap 1 => Rev Clap Send: None
Rev Clap 2 => Rev Clap Send: None
Rev Clap 3 => Rev Clap Send: None
Rev Clap Send: None
Impact 1 => Impact Send: None
Impact 2 => Impact Send: None
Impact 3 => Impact Send: None
Impact 4 => Impact Send: None
Impact 5 => Impact Send: None
Impact 6 => Impact Send: None
Impact Send: None
Snare Build 1: None
Snare Build 2: None
Buildup 1: None
Buildup 2: None
Buildup 3: Fruity free filter
Hey: none
Trap FX: None
Snare Fill: None
Uplifter 1: None
Uplifter 2: None
Trap Vocal Sample: None:
High Synth: Fruity PEQ2, Fruity Delay Bank, Fruity Limiter
Squarwave 5th bass: Fruity Limiter, Gross beat
Tonal FX 1: None
Tonal FX 2: None
Reverse Arpeggio: None
Car Crash: None
Bass Drop: None

Mastering: Fruity Parametric EQ2, Fruity Limiter

Low - 46% (While Idle)
High - 99% (While Playing)

Send me a PM for the stems

Follow me on Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/diskovr
Or on newgrounds! http://ksthultz15.newgrounds.com/follow

EDIT: Victor Niglio likes the track.


Great job on the reverbs in this track and the production! Everything aside, I have to agree with Wayv on this one, but really, it depends on what your intention is. If you'd like to continue as a "mainstream" artist, you may be able to get DJ plays a little easier right now. In the big picture, though, it's always worth remembering that the mainstream isn't today's music, but tomorrow's music!

Love it!

Great track! Awesome production and fantastic tension-release dynamics.

The build-ups and drops were really good.

Also particularly like the low bass section at 2:19. Great stuff!

Very cool. The rises and drops were what got me. The second drop was simply awesome and the fact that you can create a full length 5 min song without it ever getting old is simply impressive. Very well done. Keep it up and I'm sure you will continue to make some very amazing stuff bro! XD

ksthultz15 responds:

Thanks for the review :D I tried very hard to make my buildups sound professional. So im very glad it showed. And I think without the trap break or the violins, it would have gotten old after the 1st drop. So that also showed. Thanks for the support :D

Hi ! This is not my style, but i like it.
It sounds quite good but maybe you could make it sound just a little less cheap, by working on the texture of each instrument ?
However, i think it is a good job !
Sorry for my poor english level....

ksthultz15 responds:

Thanks for the review. Like I said in the review below, I cant use very many instruments cause they dont work in Linux. But I'll start making my own sounds a bit more.

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Credits & Info


4.69 / 5.00

May 13, 2014
12:06 PM EDT
File Info
12.5 MB
5 min 29 sec

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Please contact me if you would like to use this in a project. We can discuss the details.