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Hi, everyone. It's been over 2 months since I've posted a legitimate song. Well, let's change that! I finally got an afternoon to myself for once! :D Since the end of last summer, DylnMatrix and I had been thinking of doing a collab. He was one of my first friends on the site. We explored a few different ideas that didn't seem to be working out, but we got the furthest with this one, made mostly in November of 2013. Unfortunately, though, our schedules didn't coincide very well, and things got busy again that winter, so we couldn't finish it. I was actually also working on another collab with BlueOceans at the same time.

One day a couple of months ago, I was listening to some old tracks of mine on FL when I came across this, and it sounded better than I remembered it. So, we cleaned it up a bit, EQ'd stuff to death, and here it is! (Oh, and if you're reading this Matt, I hope you don't mind: I added some subtle crashes and reverb since the last time you heard it). Made in about 6 hours between the two of us in FL Studio 11. DM wrote the beat, a lot of the structure, and the piano parts in the first half of the song. I wrote the melody, that weird transition thing at 1:07, and the piano at the last refrain. He also handled most of the mixing. Also, YOU SHOULD TOTALLY GO CHECK OUT HIS OTHER STUFF: http://dylnmatrix.newgrounds.com. He was a lot of fun to work with, and I wish him the best of luck with a new project of his, Equilibria: http://equilibria.bandcamp.com.

Thanks for bearing with me through my semi-hiatus, and happy spring! ^^ Enjoy!

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This song is awesome

This is a catchy song Too.
The Melodies are awesome. The Piano Parts are great. I loved the way this song came out. This Song Rocks.

This Awesome Song Should set an Example for the Other Songs That Follows This Song. You did well with this Song

Awesome Teamwork.
Keep up the awesome Work

TaintedLogic responds:

Yay! I love unexpected reviews! :D Thanks so much for all the positive feedback, man! Glad you like the melodies and instruments. That made my day! :'D

Yay! More Door song! Also, TD6 is such an awesome nickname. It's both letters and a number!

I actually really like this song (well, apart from that one bit at 1:40-1:44). The intro sounds really good. I don't really think the instruments were EQ'd badly. Apart from a slight issue with the density of the tracks (not enough), they sounded great. Also, that drum beat is one of the best hi-hat/white noise patterns I've ever heard. Most drum beats just have really straightforwards 8ths, but this was a great change.

When the piano re-enters at 1:48, I think you definitely could've made the bassline different. The piano melody is really good; sadly, the bass on my headphones is really loud and I don't think the chord progression really worked. Once it gets to 2:28, the song gets all awesome again. I think the use of semitones really contributed to the eerie feeling, but towards the last ten seconds-ish, I think you began overusing them. :P I loved the way you ended it, though.

Since the song is called "Shadows", I wouldn't have minded a bit more reverb and maybe some pads. I think a bit more density would be a great idea, but this song is pretty awesome as it is. I don't think you need to change the melodies, just change the bass, since a few of the chords are a bit off.

Great job! Hoping to hear more from you (although maybe not, because of the dreaded May exams and you being in junior year and all that)!

TaintedLogic responds:

Hi LunacyEcho! Great to hear from you! Interesting that you don't like the part from 1:40-1:44, whereas that seemed to be one of LSD's favorite parts. I get what you mean about the lack of density; I suppose I tried to fill the space with reverb too much. The intro was all DM's, as well as the cool-sounding hi-hats. ;) I agree about the cliché basslines and weird chord progressions; I suppose we were going for that weird mood, y'know? I'm glad you liked the melodies, though. We'll continue to work on balance/mixing. I agree with your comments on the semitones. That was actually completely my idea, but I understand all of them at once can be a bit overwhelming. I understand your advice about the reverb and pads, too. At one point, I really screwed up the harmonies because of a misunderstanding, and I guess we didn't fix them completely. :/ Thanks so much for the review, LunacyEcho! Yeah, SAT IIs in June, then final exams two weeks later. DX Hope you have it easier over there, though. ;)

Heyy :p

The chords and melodies are pretty interesting, albeit a bit weird XD
The beat is good throughout the entire song. I would've prefered a bit more of rythmic variation though :)

The firt time the piano enters I feel as if its reverb or EQ doesn't go perfectly along with the rest of the song. But now that I've gotten used to it, it sounds good :P

I like the white noise, but I think I'd have liked if something more was added just after it, apart from a new melody. Maybe some kind of heavy reverbed cymbal smash or something XD

The part between 1:40 and 1:47 is really interesting!

The mood and atmosphere of the song are also pretty unusual, but I like them :D

I like most everything going on with the piano in the later parts of the song too.

Finally, the ending is pretty funny.

I still feel like there's something missing in this :/
I think it's because the quality of all of the instruments isn't great :)

Overall; good song and good job ;)

TaintedLogic responds:

Haha, I agree about the weird chords/melodies. Harmonizing isn't my strong suit, but I love creepy melodies! :D I'll credit DM with the beat, and I agree that it is rather good. I know what you mean about the EQ/reverb on the piano. Maybe it's the instrument that's the problem? I'm glad you like the white noise. I just recently figured out how to do that transition thing, and I think it sounds pretty cool if I say so myself. XD I recall I was trying to find some conclusive way to wrap up the chorus, and then 1:40 happened! ;) I agree, it does have a pretty queer vibe, and, yeah, I sort of adopted Johnfn's troll-style endings, didn't I? :) I'll work on the quality of instruments for next time. I think when you're doing a collab it's tough to find instruments/plug-ins you both have access to. :/ Thanks for the review, LSD! It's always greatly appreciated! :D

The intro is great until the bass starts playing. I think you chose the wrong bass instrument; it sounds too much like a lead synth, and it was also not EQ'd properly. The bass instrument needs a lot of bass frequencies, but different bass frequencies than the kick. Because this instrument doesn't have enough low frequencies, the song sounds slightly empty.

The drum beat is excellent through out the song and has just the right amount of variations. I like the hi hats on it as well.

The white noise used for the sweeps sounds like it was not EQ'd and it's too loud. You need to remove the low/low mid frequencies on the white noise so it sounds clean and bright.

The crashes did not do their job in the song effectively because they lacked necessary reverb. In electronic music, crashes need A LOT of reverb. Also, to help fill up the low frequencies that a crash lacks, you can take a normal kick, add tons of reverb to it, EQ it, and put it on a very low volume.

The lead synth sounds extremely simple and like it's a preset. There also isn't enough of a variety in note length in the melodies. The melodies themselves are interesting, but sound a little random at some parts.

The EQing on the drums, especially the kick, is really good, but did you pan the kick to the right side? The kick shouldn't be panned that much because it sounds awkward. The piano sounds great, except it's slightly too loud. You did a good job on its reverb.

My favorite part of the song is its creativity. The song's main problem is its volume levels.

I'm very glad to finally hear a song from you in which you put in all your effort!

TaintedLogic responds:

Thanks BO! I'll give DM a lot of the credit for the drums & variations, and I agree about the crash and lead samples: they were both hastily chosen presets. DM did most of the EQ'ing and reverb affects, too. I understand where you're coming from with the bass instrument critique. I'll take the blame for the white noise, as well as the note length in the melodies. I appreciate the advice on panning, too. Thanks so much for your feedback; it's highly valued. A lot of the things you criticized me on are easy fixes; I think I'll go take care of that now! :D

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