Boss Fight - Sands of No Time

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Hero: This place is worse than every other place... just what is this place!?

Boss: This is a place where everything is loss - in time... Ahahahahaha, I can joke too, mortal.

Hero: Why do I feel like nothing here?

Boss: Fractal states that are lost in a void where nothing dies, and nothing lives - embrace it.

Hero: It's really creepy, even my voice feels like it's not with me.

Boss: Everything is lost in this place, nothing escapes it... nothing enters it.

Hero: That doesn't make sense!

Boss: Ah, mortal... So naive... Maybe in your world, you believe that everything has a beginning and an end, but in my world... nothing has a beginning, nor an end...

Boss: My world, is your world.

Hero: I'm done here, can you take me some place that doesn't feel like I'm being devoured slowly?

Boss: Aren't you devoured in your world as is? A world that does not have the answers - here, all answers are lost and found.

Hero: At least I have control and power over my world and can pretend I'm not being devoured!

Boss: So you are weak?

Hero: I am not weak!

Boss: Yes, you are.

Hero: No, I am not!

Boss: Then stay...

Hero: There's no where to stay! There's nowhere to be!! I'm nowhere!!!

Hero: I just want to go home!

Boss: Silly mortal, this is your home! Ahahahahahaha!

Hero: What are you...?

Boss: Your world is a lie! This world is where everything lies...

Hero: Who are you...?

Boss: Questions stand still - answers get lost. Life... Questions... Answers... death. The more you try to answer, the more the world disappears! Ahahahahahaha!

Hero: I... Can't... Take... This...

Boss: One day, you will mortal... One day all of this will be yours...

Boss: Once again!

Boss: Ahahahahahahahaha!!!


Saw your thread and that all your material was zero-bombed, so here I am to go back and leave more appropriate scores.

Now, to start, this sounds very '09 PS2 pre-boss fight to me. Doesn't loop perfectly, so subtract half a star. However, the ambiance you've created is quite nice. I got a bit of a queasy stomach feeling, and if I were about to fight one of those 30 minute rounds with a boss that kept regenerating. Nice work!

I'd work on your synths -- the tinny, somewhat out of place sounds -- a bit and be more careful with the looping next time.

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May 2, 2014
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