Boss Fight - Who Am IVIonster

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Hero: I... really should lay off the dragon's blood. Where am I now?

Boss: Mirrors, mirrors everywhere! Pick one! Only one! Listen carefully to the drums, mortal! Listen too carefully, you may forget which is your heartbeat.

Hero: Who is there? Reveal yourselves.

Boss: How can I, if I am you?

Hero: What do you mean by that?

Boss: Listen carefully, the answer you seek will come.

Hero: I hear you, voices and drums, but I don't hear any answers.

Boss: That may be so - but, why do the drums beat? What are the voices saying? Why am I here?

Hero: To ruin my day, obviously. Can I leave now?

Boss: Ah... mortal. All is space, you cannot leave what is nowhere.

Hero: I've slain a monster at the edge of space... I'm sure I can leave here.

Boss: Have you? Look in the mirror, mortal. You have never slain a single monster.

Hero: What are you talking about?

Boss: You can't fool me... A slayer never doubts their slaying.

Hero: I have slain many monsters! I am a hero! I am leaving now!

Boss: You would taunt them until they attacked you; you'd fall into a deep sleep; when you wake, there would be blood everywhere.

Hero: ...Nobody knows that...

Boss: Now that I have your attention, let me show you something.

Hero: O...Okay.

Boss: Look at your hands, mortal.

Hero: I wil - there's blood on them!

Boss: This is the blood of your parents.

Hero: No, that's not true! A monster broke into our house one night and took them away from me! Why do you think I slay monsters?!

Boss: Ahahahahaha, mortal. The only way I can show you the blood of your parents on your hands is if I saw it for myself. Why is your parent's blood on your hands? You never touched their bodies...

Hero: I... Don't... Know...

Boss: Listen to the voices now... What do you hear?

Hero: I hear "Who am I", "I am a monster" and "Who am IVIonster".

Boss: I thought you were a heroic mortal?

Hero: I am... I thought I was!

Boss: You are not. Embrace the madness...

Hero: Wait... That monkey told me the same thing, but I fell asleep and woke up to his severed head in my hand.

Boss: I cannot tell you anymore... I will ask you one question before I go.

Boss: Why did the monkey never change? Why did you?

Hero: ...Who am I...? A monster?


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