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One of the handful of tracks I wrote the week before my job. Figured I could at least release one of them today.

With heavy inspiration from coda: https://soundcloud.com/coda The guy is a beast, definitely worth your time to check out.

I kinda chose a somewhat unusual chord progression (not THAT unusual, but hey, I've never used it before) on this one, and I thought it worked out pretty well :)

(Also, holy crap, I wrote a song with a conventional ending. THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END O_O)

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I really love the instruments and the climactic nature of it. The glitches at :25 add a lot to the piece, but are perhaps a little distracting at times. It's a well-structured and smooth-flowing piece, though. I'll congratulate you on your conventional ending, as I personally think that it's for the better that you go a more traditional route in that regard. Anyway, overall nice work! Keep it up, Johnfn! ;D

johnfn responds:


Haha when I did that ending I was like "omg everyone is going to be so proud of me!!!" And they were... well, except LunacyEcho... that jerk. hahaha

Anyway I'm glad you liked it!

Wait, so you had a couple of tracks written ahead of time specially for a situation in which you knew would be coming, but chose to wait over half a month to publish them? :D

This is such a groovy song. I really like all the sounds that you used, especially the "sliding percussion" that steampianist referred to, although it did get pretty repetitive after a while. In fact, the whole song was pretty repetitive, but it's fun to listen to, so that doesn't matter very much.

I'm surprised you didn't add any glitches; they would've worked so well in your return to chipstep. I guess it would've taken too much time. Repetition typically means that one is very busy, and I can see that you wouldn't too much free time, what with preparations with your new job and all.

I like the song, but perhaps it would be better with more progression, or perhaps a bigger climax. (That ending seemed a bit sudden as well, but seeing as it's you, I consider it a success. :P) Good work!

johnfn responds:

> Wait, so you had a couple of tracks written ahead of time specially for a situation in which you knew would be coming, but chose to wait over half a month to publish them? :D

Haha you make me sound like a slacker. Oh wait... I am a slacker... oops. The real truth is that this is the only one of the songs that I consider to be 100% done. The rest need some fixing and I haven't really found the time to do that yet.

> glitches

Hah I didn't even think about it. Maybe subconsciously I thought I was abusing them :P:P

> progression, or perhaps a bigger climax

The funny thing about this song is that it actually progresses quite a bit more than most of my songs. It has two different chord progressions, plus that weird middle section where I do new stuff. However, it doesn't SEEM like it progresses as much because, like you said, there's no definitive climax or buildup at all. That was actually like halfway a deliberate choice, because coda (my inspiration) doesn't have climaxes either. He makes up for it with really epic melodies though. haha

Anyway thanks for the review! :)

Just amazing love it!! ^.^

johnfn responds:

Yay thanks!

what is that percussion that slides? sounds cool

yeah this is a good track to start my log-in in newgrounds
also im reminded of that michael jackson game in sega genesis hehe

johnfn responds:

Uhh actually I don't know LOL. It was some drumset loop that I 8-bit-ized.

I don't know that game but it sounds awesome :D

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Apr 18, 2014
10:39 PM EDT
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