Biker Kirby

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After having defeated Metaknight, Kirby rides towards the west, into the sun. Credit music



Oh my god man...you bring back good memories. Ugh i loved that kirby game (kirby superstar) I still play it to this day on roms...but I still think back at all the good times i had with this game...and when i beat the game......:) :) :) Dude, you fuckin rule!!!


You finally did it! The one ONE song i was looking for!!!!!1111one. Such great music. Only problem is the usual chorus. I couldn't really hear it until the end. I dunno if you purposely did that or not. Just a suggestion, but make it a wee bit louder. But other than that YAY! Maybe we'll be seeing a great cave offensive? Or do i still need to live on a false hope?
Your #1 fan, Dunnanunna

Rythim-Man responds:

The chorus is playing the whole way through, but I put the amplitude to the lowest I could possibly make it for the lead voice. If you listen very very very carefully, you can hear a choral tenor "ahhh" sound on some of the long held notes. I did this because at first I was going to have someone really singing to it, but after it was finished, I felt it didn't need singing. I also did that as a way of making it easier to hear the harmony and chord progression. It took a while to write the guitar part out, then I listened to it only to find out it was all wrong and I had to start it over. I kept the choral voice low though because I like to hold back the beggining of a song so I have room to add more stuff later and make the song longer. I really hate music that ends too quickly.

That's also why it is repetitive, when these were just instrumentals to a voice, I could repeat all I wanted because the voice would be singing different words.

Oh yes, I purposely made the melody softer than the accompaninment, to make it sound different and also to make it sound more relaxing and >what's the word I'm looking for, passive?<

Keep on keepin' on!

And Dunnanunna, I really am running out of Kirby music to mix, atleast good ones tha I like well enough to mix well. I have one more, and it's not going so well so I may never post it, but I'll give it to you if it turns out to be a failure.


I really enjoyed this one :) But why it is called Biker Kirby?

P.S. Really good for credits :)


Starts dark, then gets....meeningful, like the end of an epic. Very nice, perfect for credits. There's a guitar sounding thing at one point that I've heard in another song; don't get me wrong it fits perfectly, but you may want to use some new instruments.

While I like Kirby, you may want to move on to pastures new for the next audio. I'd like to see your talents used in other types of music.

Rythim-Man responds:

Yes, infact this is a remix of the end of an epic Kirby adventure.

I don't like using guitar, but it was the best instrument for the mood I wanted.

Yea, I am running out of Kirby songs to remix as I'm sure you can tell. Kirby songs are the only ones I really like that much though.

Not bad.

This is an alright audio submission. I liked the melody it's pretty catchy! I did find it a little repetitive. It all just sounded the same! That's why I don't think it took a lot of effort to make this. Then I listened to the song a little bit more and it started to change rythme. I don't really understand the title. I can't picture this in a Kirby video game. I can't picture Kirby involved with this at all! It's still a nice song. Over all good this is a good song. The only thing I think you could change is the title. I'm sorry but I just don't think it fits the song. Once again good job and keep up the good work! 4/5.


Rythim-Man responds:

Ya, I know the title doesn't fit, but the reason why I called it Biker Kirby is because in the game this music plays during the credits and it shows Kirby riding off on a wheelie.

It didn't take alot of effort because the original version wasn't big at all. I actually added alot of things but that still didn't keep it from being repetetive. I just liked how cool it sounded.

It's not going to entertain because it repeats too much, but it still makes good quiet credit music for perhaps a sad ending.

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